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  1. Vostijabor


    Now that is a good idea.
  2. Vostijabor


    Smoke can also effect lasers. Maybe impose Herculean, Formidable then Hard to hit rolls with lasers as the smoke clears each round.
  3. Vostijabor


    I like the ideas here, I’ve been thinking of similar adjustments for blast radius as well, with half damage to the outer one. I’ve also looked at the Call of Cthulhu firearms supplements and they suggest a maximum range of STR x3 - I think I’ll adopt this as a third range modifier, at Formidable. The change of special effect for different grenade types is a great idea, if I remember rightly Vampire Wars has some similar options. Your RPG-11 is pretty powerful, but then it is futuristic and clearly a large weapon if it’s in two parts, almost approching a rocket launcher perhaps. The weapons I’m mainly trying to create are for a Steampunk world, so are a bit cranky and unreliable.
  4. Vostijabor


    I think one of my RPG group has that, I’ll take a look. It was more for modern style grenades, but I’m sure their will be some useful stuff there and Greek Fire gives me an idea for my current campaign. Cheers.
  5. Vostijabor


    Hello folks, How do you handle grenades in Mythras? I can’t find any rules on this in the Core rules or Arkwright or Vampire Wars. I’m currently favouring an Athletics Roll to throw the grenade up to STR in metres, or a Hard Athletics Roll to throw it up to double STR in metres. A failed roll sees the grenade go off target 1d6 metres in a random direction, a fumble sees it land 1d6 metres from the thrower in a random direction - a perfect chance to dust off your d12... On the damage I’m also a bit unclear, as Vampire Wars has fragmentation damage at half damage to 1d3-1 locations to all within its burst radius. Does this mean the main target take full damage? Thanks in advance.
  6. I use my own cut down version of the character sheet that fits on half an A4 sheet. This has a stat block, hit locations AP/HP, commonly used skills list with spaces for advanced skills, weapon details and a space for notes (magic, passions etc.). As far as skills go I simply fill them in based on how experienced I perceive the NPC to be, if I’m unsure where to pitch a skill I check the relevant stats and refer to the character creation for their background and profession for more info. I’ll find the file and post it.
  7. I agree on the Luther Arkwright suggestion. I basically use it for a Steampunk campaign. You might want to take a look at M-Space as well, this is a science fiction setting with a lot of useful ideas.
  8. I bought this a few weeks ago, primarily for the modern style setting in terms of rules and equipment, for which it’s useful. Setting wise, it looks like a well thought out and interesting world. Worth getting.
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