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    I have been playing TTRPGs since 2001. I have played in all of the most popular games and have run many as well. I am currently a volunteer GM at conventions for Chaosium.
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    CoC (Standard and Pulp) and a Self-Made game
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    I was introduced to RPGs as a kid by my Dad who showed me his ADnD stuff, but didn't actually play until High School, when I was invited by friends to join their Shadowrun Campaign. I have since played or run the "Classic" games and have even created 2 of my own, 1 in High School that never went anywhere, and one that is currently in development but has been playtested and has interested parties. I also volunteer to run games for Chaosium at Conventions.

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    I created this file for Gamestorm in Portland in April, but I just realized that it might come in handy for others running Call of Cthulhu for new players (and new Keepers). It's basically just the rules from the corebook simplified into a single sheet for quick reference. I put it up on a display stand in front of my Keeper Screen so that everyone who sat down at the table could see it, especially when they were losing sanity through the convention adventures.
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