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  1. In the Stormbringer fourth edition manual there are many artists' drawings, but the best by far are the exact and original by someone whose name starts with a C or a G. There is a column's worth of contributors in that book, and it's hard to guess who this signature refers to. Here is one of the drawings. Anybody know the name?
  2. Thanks to both of you for your replies. Especially to Nick J. for the recommendations of sites. The sub-forum here doesn't have ongoing or starting games in the Young Kingdom setting, that's why I asked. The BRP system is not an obsession of mine, I'm just quite tired of D20s, ubiquitous like winter colds, and don't really see the point of rules elaboration, which is what 1990s-2000s systems went for. Like I said, perks, feats, extra classes, kits and such are better handled with on-the-spot decisions, in my opinion, so learning a whole expanded and advanced system to me would be like pulling
  3. Hi everyone. I popped by this site to find a Stormbringer game I could join. It would have to be a play-by-post, because where I live there are no players even for D&D. There aren't any active games here, though, so I have to ask for leads - at least some popular resources I could browse. Which edition of Stormbringer - that probably doesn't matter much. I'm familiar with the 1st, but I could adopt to the others. Elric!, from people's comments, seems to be streamlined but rather dull - as any once-again revised rule set for the same setting would have to be. And it's the setting that
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