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  1. I just saw that Greg’s memorial service will be this Sunday. I would have liked to attend but I have previous gaming commitments that it would be too rude to break. It would also very much disappoint a ten year old girl who is about to play her first role playing game. Under these circumstances, I suspect Greg would forgive me for missing the memorial. I had long planned to attempt to reconnect with Greg next year for what seemed like good reasons when I made those plans. I will probably change the way I make my plans from now on. For four or five years starting in the summer of 1978 Greg was the most important person in my life outside of family. He gave me the opportunity to become a game designer and taught me many things I needed to know. As it turned out I chose to become a lawyer, not a game designer, and my life went in a different direction but I am grateful for knowing him. I feel like I should say more and maybe someday I will but I have put off posting in this thread long enough already. Rudy Kraft
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