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  1. Still proof-reading? So is there time to change the spelling to "basiQ Roleplaying"?

    I just think the name "basic roleplaying" is a bit too dull. The old advertising trick of mis-spelling might help. Also, of course, it's got the letters R and Q in it, reminiscent of it's heritage. And that'd open up possibilities for a daring cover title design, like...







  2. What "Quick Reply button"...?

    ...Oh, that. Nah, never used it. So I'd say "Not".

    BTW, many thanks for setting up the forum - it's great. Don't be offended I don't say as much as I used to on the MRQ one. I don't go there anymore. Everyone here just says such sensible things, I don't need to add anything.


  3. I mean hero points/fate points to get out of trouble.

    I say 'No way'. I was assuming you meant to buy story-fiddles as per MRQ, though (isn't that the way they do it?).

    But is there another way?

    (I have an idea or two, but would anyone else like to comment first?)

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