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  1. Oh, and since I live in Washington state, any chance I could just stroll down to the docks and....
  2. I'm really looking forward to this. I plan on getting it for my son as an introduction to CoC since he loves the fiction. But honestly, since I haven't played myself, it will be as much for me as for him.
  3. I did not have the pleasure to meet or interact with Mr. Stafford. However, about 12 years ago I tracked down a copy of Prince Valiant in order to use it to introduce my then six year old son to RPGs. We had a blast. Mr. Stafford's game allowed me to create memories with my son that neither of us will ever forget. Thank you, Mr. Stafford for that gift.
  4. Bingo! Thanks a lot. That did the trick. It's a lot better. I appreciate the help.
  5. It is the 7th edition. The copy I downloaded yesterday has a grayish background and almost black borders And it isn't layered..
  6. I'm new to CoC and I've downloaded the quick start and wanted to print out a copy for easier reading. However, the background looks like it will really drink the ink. Is there a print friendly version somewhere that I'm just not seeing?
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