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    Started as a kid with Metagaming's Melee
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    I still like the adventure
  1. Narmer

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    Oh, and since I live in Washington state, any chance I could just stroll down to the docks and....
  2. Narmer

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    I'm really looking forward to this. I plan on getting it for my son as an introduction to CoC since he loves the fiction. But honestly, since I haven't played myself, it will be as much for me as for him.
  3. Narmer

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    I did not have the pleasure to meet or interact with Mr. Stafford. However, about 12 years ago I tracked down a copy of Prince Valiant in order to use it to introduce my then six year old son to RPGs. We had a blast. Mr. Stafford's game allowed me to create memories with my son that neither of us will ever forget. Thank you, Mr. Stafford for that gift.
  4. Narmer

    Print Friendly Quick Start

    Bingo! Thanks a lot. That did the trick. It's a lot better. I appreciate the help.
  5. Narmer

    Print Friendly Quick Start

    It is the 7th edition. The copy I downloaded yesterday has a grayish background and almost black borders And it isn't layered..
  6. I'm new to CoC and I've downloaded the quick start and wanted to print out a copy for easier reading. However, the background looks like it will really drink the ink. Is there a print friendly version somewhere that I'm just not seeing?