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    I have played AD&D and RuneQuest 3rd Edition and a vampire RPG I can not remember
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    I do not play any games as such, I am still interested in the Runequest 3rd edition.
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    Leasingham, UK
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    When I was thirteen, some 27 years ago I watched The Lord of the Rings animation... the following day I borrowed the Novel from my school library and was hooked on fantasy novels. I read all I could get my hands on the second book I read was "Spellfire" a forgotten relams book (not before these books I was not interested in reading). Afew years earlier I had played Ad&D with my brother, I was little interested at the time but then when I began reading fantasy novels my brother was not. We did play afew times but never for long. Then I was baught (by brother) Runequest 3rd edition... it was brilliant. I GMed a few games with some friends and had a great if brief time. As the years past I lost touch with the gaming and while still an RPG fan I never got the chance to play.
    At this stage in my life I have come to regret not joining RPG groups and just last weekend I ran a small game for my 8 year old son... I was terible but he did enjoy it... He is a Farmers son from a civilized background, he likes his 2handed flail.
    I have limeted skills or credebtials but I have written a novel I self published long ago.
  1. Hi All, I have just joined this forum to put out a call to see if anyone in the Sleaford area of the UK (lincolnshire) run any RuneQuest (3rd Edition) or D & D games. Id love to sit in and see what I have missed all these years. Im not even a novice but id love to start gaming.
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