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  1. A candidate for chief does not need to be from a "noble" family.
  2. I've posted this before, but it is useful to post again: TERMS FOR RULERS RuneQuest uses the closest English words for the titles of Gloranthan leaders. However, these titles do not mean precisely what the English words mean and often have a different etymology and set of associations. In many cases, sex and gender don’t affect the use of a title. Here are some notes that may help to better understand the title and its meaning. These titles are group by language and arranged with the most culturally important term listed first. THEYALAN Chief Theyalan. Literally means
  3. Bingo! Nobles are the highest rank. They are leaders of the community. Several ranks of noble exist. The highest is the Sartar dynasty, who are descended from the Founder God. Ranked below that are the Tribal King and the companions of the Prince. The lowest is that of Clan Chief. The nobility of Sartar is tied together in a web of connections centered on the Prince – the Orlanth Rex of the kingdom. Many noble families have ties of marriage or friendship with other noble families. In most clans, only two noble families probably exist: that of the clan chieftain, and that of the
  4. Jeff


    Yes. And in the Elf Book Shannon is working on. But with the Wiki, caveat emptor!
  5. Jeff


    The wiki is wrong here.
  6. Here's a bit more from the Sartar boxed set: WARRIOR The definition of “warrior” among the Orlanthi depends, as with so many things, on which of Orlanth’s subcults you ask. Under the traditions of the Orlanth Thunderous cult, all Orlanthi men are expected to be warriors. Like farming, hunting, building homes or siring children, fighting is an assumed part of the gender. This is the oldest conception of being a warrior among the Orlanthi peoples. Warrior Societies and Thanes In the late First Age, and even more so in the Second, the Orlanthi increasingly encountered fight
  7. Holar provides no Rune spells, although Horali may learn spirit magic from their regiments or war societies. However, horali may join hero cults, war society cults, and even the cults of certain martial deities such as Humakt. These cults are often worshiped as associated cults for a given horali regiment.
  8. Zzaburi: Zzaburi are specialists in sorcery. They exist to study and practice sorcery for the benefit of the rest of Malkioni society. Sorcery requires many years of dedicated study and specialization, and so Malkioni society is organized into castes so that a specialist caste of sorcerers can exist. Primarily through the skill of the zzaburi, the Malkioni were able to survive the Greater Darkness. The zzaburi are charged with the responsibility of mastering sorcery and using it for the good of the other castes. They support the talar leaders in their commands; cast magic on the horali w
  9. From the forthcoming Sartar boxed set: The word “thane” means “martial companion,” although an older version of their name means “horse men,” denoting their status. Thanes arose among the Orlanthi during the Second Age as a result of the increasingly sophisticated means of warfare of the age. It was discovered that an armed militia could be overcome by a smaller band of better trained and equipped warriors. Kings and chiefs recruited and equipped elite companions and gave them status equivalent to priests. They became a martial aristocracy among the Orlanthi. Many are Rune lords, a type of ma
  10. The Cults Book entry on Dormal makes this all very clear. SPECIAL MAGIC The cult teaches the sorcery spell of Open Seas. Unusually, this spell does not require knowledge of any sorcerous Runes or Techniques, as all the necessary information is contained within the ritual itself.
  11. I'll have lots of answers. The real question is will you have the right questions!
  12. If you are planning on attending Impromptu Con on Saturday, that would be a great question to ask! Here's the link - unlimited people, never expires (although we will be deleting the server after the event). Same link for all of us. Open the gates! Unleash the hounds! https://discord.gg/59hUAjH8mk And here's the preliminary schedule: Event start 8pm CET/7pm GMT/2pm EST/11am PST/6am Sun AEST (Also, to avoid having to list five time zones, I will list these times as only CET/EST and you can convert from there in your heads.) 8:30pm/2:30pm RQ Starter
  13. I am quoting you - you called it bloat and bad design. As far as I can see there are no other game designers of note on this thread. I see nothing to gain by "consolidating the magic system" or having generic spells that you can then "bespoke". My opinion on mechanical consistency for magic is pretty much the same as my opinion of mechanical "game balance" for cults. I care about "setting balance" - does one cult have accessible power that doesn't work with how it is presented in the setting. But whether one cult has a spell similar (but not identical) to another spell is simply not a "problem
  14. OK, so you'd prefer spells to be reduced to what you consider their "essential features" (it is some kind of energy projectile that does damage, it increases a characteristic, it provides some kind of armor, etc.) and consider RuneQuest's focus being how Gloranthans would group spells (rather than you) to be bad design - especially since of some of the spells in your categories are of differing strengths. Proof that different strokes for different folks govern what is labeled "good game design" - as too my tastes, the approach you suggest is uninteresting, "un-Gloranthan", and reduces immersio
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