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  1. Jeff

    best cults for Alchemists

    Of the published cults, Lhankor Mhy - Lord of Knowledge - is most closely associated with alchemy. Although real-world alchemy was often associated with gnosis and personal transformation, Gloranthan alchemy is more like Chinese or Indian alchemy, and largely used to create medicines and potions of various effects.
  2. Jeff


    In truth canon should matter only to writers working on books to be published by Chaosium. Your Glorantha Will Vary. But in my Glorantha (which is what future publications will reflect), there is unlikely to be any mention of Doburdan post First Age. The Seven Mothers, and not some obscure forgotten antiquarian name, is the missionary cult of the Lunar Empire in the Provinces.
  3. Jeff

    Orlanth pet in Umathela

    Orlanth is NEVER associated with a mongoose in my Glorantha.
  4. Jeff


    It is worth pointing out that there is no mention of Doburdan in the Guide later than the early First Age. If I was going to redo Sartar/Sartar Companion, I'd entirely leave it out as I don't think the cult exists at all in the Third Age.
  5. Jeff


    Note that Doburdan likely is not an important cult by the end of the First Age and barely exists in the Third Age.
  6. Jeff

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    I tend to run him as one-part Alexander the Great, one-part Ian McShane's Wednesday, and one-part Sam from Lord of Light.
  7. Jeff

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    Argrath spends 1625 and 1626 in Prax gathering an army of Praxians and adventurers, and building his White Bull cult. Late 1626/early 1627 he brings that army into Dragon Pass and routes the Lunars at Alda-Chur, and becomes Prince of that area. He then marches around Sartar gathering allies before entering Boldhome and lights the Flame of Sartar. His usual interaction with players are: 1. I need you to do something. For example, "there's a blue sword put up as a dark troll trophy in the temple to Zorak Zoran on Temple Hill. I need you to get it. I don't care how, but we NEED it." Or, "on the northern part of Ogre Island there are some ruins. In the ruins, there's a dead tree where the ogres like to hang their victims - if you search near the base of the ruins, you'll find a well or some other opening. I need you to go down there and find me a strange metal object made out of wheels and circles. Mularik, would you show them your book? We NEED you to find it and bring it back." That sort of stuff. The requests are strange and dangerous, and the reason why they are needed is never given beforehand. Perhaps afterwards it is mentioned that the blue sword is Ormtongue, a weapon from the EWF, or the strange metal object is a God Learner map of the Gods World. 2. The players need something from him. Perhaps Yazurkial Blue Llama has threatened to kill them over some obscure rivalry. Perhaps the adventurers need resources, information, or want to loot some part of the Big Rubble claimed by someone else. That means meeting with Argrath and getting his support. Which means dealing with his court of madmen and killers. 3. Argrath offers the players something. From as simple as, "I'm giving you control over the Twin Hills - do with it what you want," to "I can teach you how to Discorporate." or "I can teach you something about the Hero Plane." These tend to be the most dangerous interactions.
  8. Jeff

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    I use Argrath a lot in our games. My players either fear and distrust him or are fanatically loyal to him - or both. He's a dangerous charismatic trickster with thousands of killers, many of whom worship him as a demigod. He's a strange foreigner with disturbing ideas, who is at the same time clearly favoured by Orlanth. He's surrounded by sorcerers, madmen, Praxians, tricksters, Wolf Pirates, foreigners, and monsters. His behaviour often seems mad, his goals even madder. And yet, he's the most successful opponent against the Lunar Empire the world has seen since Sheng Seleris. In short, he's a GM delight.
  9. Jeff

    So what happened to the Communication rune?

    Mastery Rune WILL apply in the game - it something that can be gained, but not something any character starts with. Magic is in use already. Infinity is the sign of gods and so forth, so not part of player characters. Law symbolises all of sorcery, again not something a character starts with.
  10. Jeff

    So what happened to the Communication rune?

    The runes of Issaries are Mobility and Harmony. Together these are often expressed as “Issaries” or “Communication,” a rune unknown or unused except in trade functions. Other than Issaries few spirits have it, save those who took it from him.
  11. Jeff

    House Rules

    Sandy's sorcery is a completely different rules system with a different set of assumptions and goals. Sorcery is slower to cast than Rune spells or spirit magic spells. That is a design goal. The God Learners did not have an Art of Speed. That wasn't what they were trying to do at all.
  12. Jeff

    Countermagic complications

    As an aside, this is why I would like people to only post Actual Questions That Come Up In Game and Can't Be Resolved With A Modicum of Common Sense to the RQ Questions thread.
  13. Jeff

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Countermagic has no effect on Detect spells. If you cast Detect Gold, you are aware of the gold armor Rurik Runespear is wearing - even if he has Shield 4 cast!
  14. Jeff

    House Rules

    YGWV, but for me that is way too fast. Sorcerers should be forced to use rituals, sympathetic magic, meditation and everything else possible to increase their chance of spell-casting. They don't need to master their spells - just take a full day to cast the spell (+50%), augment with Meditate (+20% if successful), do it on the right day of the week (+10%), at a place associated with the Rune (+10%), and with a mundane object association with the Rune (+10%). Bam! Even a spell known at only 13% (assuming a Magic modifier of +10%) now has between 93% and 113% chance of success! Wait, you wanted to cast your sorcery spell in a crisis moment on an adventure? What a ridiculous idea! Jeff
  15. Jeff

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    And now why is it surprising that Lanko(r)mi has sorcery?