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  1. Jeff

    Humakt Initiates and 'free' Bladesharp 4

    Humakti who have been initiates for a full year are taught Bladesharp 4 for free, and more points in the spell may be purchased at 1/2 cost later. We've treated it as part of the 5 points of starting spirit magic - so Humakti usually start with Bladesharp 2 and three points of additional spirit magic (usually Demoralize and Heal 1), and then train up to Bladesharp 4 in play. But to each their own.
  2. Jeff

    Original BRP

    Yes. Keep in mind that NONE of Moon Design/Chaosium’s underlying IP - RQ2, RQ3, BRP, COC, etc. - is currently allowed to be used in anyone’s SRD. The only authorised variants are TDM’s Mythras and Newt Newport’s OpenQuest (both approved directly), although we may issue other licenses in the future.
  3. Jeff

    Original BRP

    A strange thing about OGL - any sublicense (and that is all an OGL is) cannot survive the expiration or termination of the underlying license. So if X licenses their IP to Y for a duration of 5 years, and Y (with X's permission) promulgates an OGL, said OGL typically expires when Y's license does. Which means if Z created something using Y's OGL, their license expires when Y's does.
  4. Jeff

    Legend, its engine, and Open Content.

    I've moved this over to the Legend folder. Additionally, in my considered opinion the statement "you can't copyright game mechanics" is oft-repeated but also never been upheld by an appellate court. I can certainly see a court concluding that "you can copyright game mechanics" (in fact, with the right facts, I think a court certainly would conclude that you can copyright game mechanics to some extent) - the only question is whether there is ever a plaintiff deep-pocketed enough to test that proposition.
  5. Jeff

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    The biggest difference is the xenophobia and hostility shown by the Praxian Sun Domers to all outsiders. Most Yelmalians are aloof and distrustful of those outside the cult, but the Praxian Sun Dome takes that to extremes.
  6. Jeff

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    The Praxian Yelmalio cult is unusual for an obvious reason - it has been isolated for many centuries and is still geographically isolated. As a result, its social culture is going to differ from that of Dragon Pass and Peloria. Horses are revered by the cult, even if the cult itself is not necessarily a "riding cult". Sows and snakes are revered by Ernalda, but last I checked, Earth Priestesses do not ride snake or sow. Hyalor is the "rider's cult".
  7. Jeff

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    The Praxian Sun Domers are most definitely not the norm for the cult.
  8. Jeff

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    I don't think "converting" is the best way to think of this. The Hendrikings had a solar god who defending the cosmos after Orlanth and the other gods departed. He was always pretty minor and when the Hendrikings resettled Dragon Pass, they came into contact with the rich and vibrant Yelm cult - who even the dominant Orlanth cult acknowledged as the Sun God. Many abandoned their traditional rites to try to approach Yelm (usually through an associated cult) - which caused kinstrife and threatened the Sartar confederation. Monrogh ended that. He revealed that the traditional solar god was the Sun Dome God, and not an inferior version of Yelm. He showed folk how to reach higher and filled in missing pieces of the god's mythology. Most solar cultists acknowledged the authority of the Sun Dome Temple, although a few maintained their own independence. Whether the Sun Dome god is called Elmal or Yelmalio, neither are foreign invaders, any more than Storm Bull or Babeester Gor is.
  9. Jeff

    RQG Sorcery

    No it wouldn't. It would in fact be very wrong. A tremendous amount of thought went into the arrangement of the Runes used for characters in RQG, and they reflect important realities behind the setting.
  10. Jeff

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    Mortal humans regardless of culture have the same basic rune pattern - Elemental Runes, Power Runes, Man v Beast. That's the human condition. Some other species have variations of that, but generally follow the same pattern more or less. Mortal embodied beings don't have the Spirit Rune - that is for disembodied entities. Fetches do, if we felt the need to give them Runes (which I don't). Same thing with the Law Rune - within RuneQuest it is not necessary to have the Law Rune (shades of midi-chlorians). Instead anyone can study sorcery, but it may not be something acceptable to your cult.
  11. Jeff

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    It doesn't.
  12. Jeff

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    In RQ, humans do not have the Law Rune as part of their character sheet.
  13. Jeff

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    Some cults forbid their initiates from knowing sorcerous technique. For example Ernalda, Maran Gor, Lodril, Yelmalio, Orlanth, Humakt, and Storm Bull all forbid their initiates from learning sorcery. Other cults have no objection or even teach sorcery (such as Lhankor Mhy),
  14. Jeff

    Multispell will render Protection obsolete.

    Again, my suggestion is to see how this actually comes up in play. My minimaxers think this is a very wasteful tactic in practice.
  15. Jeff

    Multispell will render Protection obsolete.

    There is better access to Rune Magic for player characters (since in previous editions reusable Rune Magic was restricted to Rune Masters - and the rules actually provided incentives not to become a Rune Master). The rules now are much more in harmony with the setting. But honestly, the worries about Multispell and Extension expressed on this thread are very much overstated. Even my rules minimaxer dismisses the tactic as a waste of Rune Points.