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  1. If you do not feel that you can create content that is not substantially similar to material from Chaosium's past and current products - then this license is probably not for you. If you want to use BRP to create rules for your own unique settings, then this license should be easy to comply with.
  2. *SPOILERS* In the canonical campaign, she's going to get killed in 1626. And stay dead. Heck, this is mentioned in the core RQG rule book.
  3. Nick's point is that actually we know quite a lot about Argrath and you can expect to see that in forthcoming publications.
  4. It really depends on what a third party wants to do. Unless you are doing bog standard generic stuff, you should do this anyways. If you want to create a book of equipment, or a book of monsters or animals (like the Gateway Bestiary) that's fine. Or you could create your own magic system and publish it.
  5. Well many years later. And a lot happens between 1625 and 1638 (which is the canonical date of Leika's death, although if you want to kill her off sooner, there are plenty of opportunities).
  6. Leika doesn't die - Kallyr does.
  7. Argrath has has a personal army of bodyguards sworn directly to him (outside of clan and tribal structure) that is larger and more deadly than what any of the tribal leaders can muster. And has the backing of the Praxian khans. And can prove descent from Sartar (making him eligible to be the Orlanth Rex above the tribes).
  8. By providing a bare-bones system, we are having third party publishers tailor the system for their setting. And that's a key difference here.
  9. Jeff

    Cult of Sartar

    Sartar himself never raised a weapon to harm others. But Sartar certainly had people who'd happily kill for him.
  10. Jeff

    Cult of Sartar

    The cult of Sartar is the Cult of Orlanth Rex in Sartar. It is how the Sartarites approach Orlanth Rex at the level above the tribal.
  11. That is what happened with us as well. Mythras crashed and burned with Combat Effects, and also "skills" like Brawn or Endurance. For some people, that's the attraction of Mythras, but for every group I ran it or a variant with, those features were the kiss of death. The learning and unlearning curve was a step too far. They also are in my opinion a step too far from RQ (a BRP variant, sure, but not really a RQ variant). Different groups no doubt have different experiences.
  12. Succubi are associated with Seseine in the same way that dryads are associated with Aldrya. I left them out of the Bestiary because it would have been a lot of incomplete text about an entity rarely encountered in the core areas. I'd rather wait for an opportunity to present Seseine and succubi together.
  13. Its to encourage third parties to use the BRP system without harming our IPs. That's hardly disingenuous.
  14. Yeah this is not Substantially Similar.
  15. It is hardly being disingenuous. You want to make a game off the BRP engine and call it that, you can. We wall off certain rules, certain settings, but if you have something you want to publish that we aren't already doing, you can.Without paying royalties, without us having residual rights. And you get to call it BRP. That may not mean much to you, but it does to many others. Seems a fair deal to me. Just because the same handful of people are grousing about it and cross-posting about it on multiple forums really doesn't say very much to me.
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