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  1. Regardless, the Runequest Campaign, which covers 1625 to 1655 (plus and minus a few years as well) is in the works. Its origins predate the Pendragon Campaign and informed and inspired that, Boy King, and the Grand Pendragon Campaign. It's been present in the background of all Gloranthan publications since before Runequest itself and bringing it out is a top priority for the next year.
  2. Yes. Deadwood was haunted by zombie Aldryami who tended their dead groves. With ritual, dance, and need. Although some say that the result is less reproduction than awakening what was already there. The spirit of Knowledge inhabits the stacks itself. It defends the library from theft, fire, water, wind, rats, beetles, and other damage.
  3. Jeff


    This is absolutely true, You can do what you want with your Glorantha. When I am writing these forums, I am laying down the take we will take in publications, and also helpfully giving details useful for people who want to use those publications, write for us, etc. If you as an individual GM or player want to go in a different direction, go for it.
  4. Jeff


    In Glorantha things do get proven to the acceptance of most everyone. Khordavu definitely proved to everyone's satisfaction that the Dara Happans know more about the Sun God than their neighbours, and Yelm was quickly acknowledged throughout Peloria and beyond. Harmast definitely proved to everyone's satisfaction that Orlanth led the Seven Lightbringers, having performed the quest twice to restore a Broken World. Now perhaps in the Hero Wars, someone proves to most everyone's satisfaction that Yelmalio is actually responsible for destroying Sedenya in the Lesser Darkness, or maybe that it was Yelmalio who killed the Sky Tyrant (both could be prove very useful in the Hero Wars). Or maybe an Orlanthi might prove that Elmal was a name for Reladivus, who served Orlanth instead of being destroyed by Ram Barbarians (and thus not Yelmalio). But in the Sartar of 1625, the Elmal cult has largely been subsumed into Yelmalio as described in the Making Gods essay. Jeff
  5. Jeff


    But the Lunars are right about many of their claims. Their Goddess did gain acknowledgement from most of the forces of the cosmos at the Battle of Castle Blue (although some claim she cheated). She has proven her power over and over again, which is usually a pretty good authority. She acknowledges that she embraces Chaos - AND that is what keeps her from being fully accepted by Orlanth, Storm Bull, and others. But no one denies that she is the Red Moon Goddess. Same thing with Orlanth. He led the Lightbringers Quest, made peace with Yelm, and helped form the Cosmic Compromise that saved the Cosmos. He may be a rebel, a murderer, and a destroyer, but he can back up those claims. Even Yelm acknowledges it (although he puts the emphasis a bit differently).
  6. Jeff


    Also most Gloranthans are Lumpers, not Splitters. That's not just the God Learners, but the Theyalan missionaries, the Lunars, and many others. A Sun Priest and an Light Priest challenge each other over the identity of the Sun by magical contest of clarification and identification. The Light Priest can show off his light magic, can see in the dark, etc. and prove that his god did not die in the Darkness, but the Sun Priest can get the Light Priest's god to acknowledge that Yelm is the Sun who died with the Darkness and returned with the Dawn. A similar thing happens when a Storm Voice encounters a Storm Khan - the Storm Voice can demand aid from the Storm Khan and the Khan must accept, although he may demand a price in return. That isn't social convention - that's Storm Bull acknowledging Orlanth. And it happened wherever the Orlanthi went. Two Light Priests meet. The first says that their god is the ally and servant of Orlanth and calls upon Orlanth for the gift of Shield. The other says that their god is no servant, but is the son of the Sun and calls upon Yelm for the gift of Shield. Both are right, for at times Lightfore did aid Orlanth and at times Lightfore fought with Orlanth. But the second can likely reveal more secrets than the first, and can reveal what Yelmalio received at the Hill of Gold and fill it the gaps in stories that now make more sense. And they ask Elmal if this is true and he says yes. Some refuse this new insight, because of tradition, ambition, politics, or identity, but most accept this. When they worship Yelmalio, no spirits of retribution come for them, and Elmal does not protest.
  7. Jeff

    Backford 1626

    Harald is absolute right here. It is evil because it is poisonous (salt-water) and cannot be used for drinking or irrigation.
  8. Jeff


    If Zeus and Jupiter were real and not cultural contructs, they are either the gods of certain phenomena with many names and many aspects in many lands, or they are tribal patrons. Yelmalio is not a mere tribal patron (nor is Orlanth). He is a real deity, with many names (including Elmal, Antirius, Kargzant, etc.). I call him "Yelmalio" in the Cults Book because that what Greg and I normally called him unless were were talking about a local version or variant. You look at GRoY, Entekosiad, etc., and the monomyth is still there. There is a consistent whole to Gloranthan mythology - that's a key part of its appeal. You can see elements of the Weapons Contest in the conflict between Oorsu Sara and Govmeranen. Details differ because the mythic event is being experienced from a different vantage point or with different purposes and priorities. But the framework is still there. Jeff
  9. Jeff


    Harvar didn't have to work very hard, since the Tarshite settlers knew Yelmalio Golden Spear, and not the Hendriki Elmal. But do you have the same degree of concern whether Orlanth Adventurous is the same god as Orlanth Thunderous? Or whether Zeus is Jupiter?
  10. Jeff


    They were originally detailed by Greg as "Hyaloring Triarchy - three pony clans. Enyhli are the Yelmalio clan. Join Colymar c 1410."
  11. Jeff


    Kargzant/Yelmalio does not have much of a cult among the Grazers or other Pure Horse People (such as the Char'un). They are descended from the Hyalorings, and maintained strict taboos that kept them "pure" enough to directly contact Yelm with the Dawn. During the rule of the Sons of the Sun, they served as a priestly tribe. The Grazers did not embrace Yelmalio (whose cult is much more open and accessible than Yelm's) during their time in Prax, and remained "pure" Yelm worshipers. Although they have included worship of the Lightbringers, and have switched Dendara for Ernalda, they are still Yelm worshipers rather than Yelmalion (as explained in Greg's old essay, the Grazers's beliefs were untroubled by the renewed contact with lowland Peloria - in part because they already had their crisis of faith and ended up with the Feathered Horse Queen).
  12. Jeff


    Few Orlanthi have any problem at all with Yelm in the sky. After all, putting him back there was Orlanth's greatest deed.
  13. Jeff


    By putting up a column to Jupiter Dolichenus. And maybe labelling it also in Greek as Zeus Orimasdes.
  14. Wilmskirk claims to have temples to all the gods, although that boast may be a bit of an exaggeration. The Rent-A-Shrine is really nice though.
  15. I've really never understood this attitude. If I was playing a game set in the late Roman Republic, I'd want Caesar to cross the Rubicon, only to be assassinated a few years later. And I'd ideally want the players to be responsible for both.
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