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  1. Jeff

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    They clearly fail.
  2. Gustbran is covered in the Lowfires.
  3. Kargzant and Elmal are described in Yelmalio. Tolat is described in Shargash. YU-Kargzant is described in Yelm. Veskarthan is described in Lodril. And probably plenty of others I have forgotten.
  4. The version of Yelm presented in Gods and Goddesses is the Dara Happan version. With notes about Pent and elsewhere.
  5. Every widespread cult has local variations. Yelm has Yelm of Dara Happa v. Yelm of the Pure Horse People. Orlanth has Adventurous, Thunderous, and Rex. Ernalda and the Grain Goddesses have zillions of local variations. Lodril has many local variations. Shargash is a local variant of Tolat that is so important that it has overwhelmed the more broadly known cult.
  6. Probably not. I keep adding a few whenever I realise I need to understand that myth cycle. These are Cults of Prax style write-ups, not RQ3 GoG.
  7. I currently have full writeups of: Kyger Litor Annilla Argan Argar Gorakiki Xiola Umbar Zorak Zoran Magasta Dormal Engizi Oslira Choralinthor Ernalda Aldrya Asrelia Babeester Gor Donandar Eiritha Flamal Grain Goddesses Hykim & Mikyh Maran Gor Mostal Ty Kora Tek Uleria Yelm Dayzatar Dendara Gorgorma Lodril Lokarnos Lowfires Polaris Shargash Yelmalio Orlanth Chalana Arroy Eurmal Issaries Lhankor Mhy Daka Fal Foundchild Heler Humakt Mastakos Odayla Storm Bull Valind Waha Yinkin Seven Mothers Danfive Xaron Deezola Irrippi Ontor Jakaleel the Witch Yanafal Tarnils Etyries Hon-eel Nysalor Red Goddess Primal Chaos Bagog Cacodemon Crimson Bat Krarsht Mallia Thanatar Thed Vivamort Not all of these will appear in the book (in fact I am certain the Chaos Gods will appear in a separate GM-facing book), but they all exist in complete form. What is missing is: The Invisible God (needs a separate treatment, as it also requires the full sorcery treatment) Pamalt (needs a separate treatment) Lesser troll gods (will appear in Trollpak) Pavis, Flintnail, Lanbril, Yelorna, Zola Fel (will appear in Big Rubble)
  8. I wrote both of those sections and not only are they not incompatible with what I have written in RQG, but I wrote them with the goal of getting to this point. Greg and I talked at length about the treatment of Yelmalio in RuneQuest and I know he was fine with it. For the purposes of RuneQuest, Elmal can (and will) be treated as a local variant of Yelmalio. Same thing with the elf variant of Yelmalio and the Pentan variant of Yelmalio. A worshiper of Elmal can go to a Sun Dome Temple and contact his god (i.e., replenish his Rune Points). A worshiper of Yelmalio can go to the temple at Runegate and contact his god (i.e. replenish his Rune Points). To make things more confusing, Elmal is often a title of Yelmalio, and Yelmalio is often a title of Elmal. The Elmal variant says Yelm is the father of Elmal, but sometimes calls the Sun Disk Elmal and sometimes calls the Sun Disk Yelm. The Yelmalio cult does the same. <As an aside, the Yelm cult never calls the Sun Disk Elmal or Yelmalio and can draw much more substantive powers from the Fiery Sun than any of the Yelmalio variants (who only get Sunspear through the Yelm cult).> That's the similarities. There are some magical differences between the variants. The Yelmalio cult takes on all sorts of strange geases to get gifts from the god, the Elmal does not. Elmal is associated with Orlanth and not with Yelm. Yelmalio is associated with Yelm and not Orlanth. In play I don't think it doesn't make much difference. If someone from Sartar wants to play a solar worshiper they can. Their choice is basically establishmentarian (Elmal) or dissenter (Yelmalio). Mechanically the only differences are associate cults (Yelm or Orlanth) that the Yelmalio worshiper gets gifts and geases and fights with pike and shield, and the Elmal worshiper does not. Socially the Elmal character can insist that the Yelmalio worshiper is "doing it wrong" or "taking it too far", and the Yelmalio character can insist that the Elmal worshiper "values tradition over the gods" or "values tribe over the truth" - but as far as the rules are concerned, they are worshiping variations of the same god. Same thing happens when an Tolat worshiper from Melib comes to Alkoth and meets the Shargash cult (Tolat and Shargash are presented as variations of the same god).
  9. Those who say Yelmalio is the Sun Disk say that Yelmalio is the light emanated from the sun. Yelm, his father, is too distant to hear our prayers, but Yelmalio hears your prayers and comes to your aid.
  10. Yep. The Sun Disk is also Yelm. Who is the Sun Disk who rises and falls each day. The Bright Sun, the Imperial Sun, revived with Time to be guarantor of the Cosmic Compromise.
  11. It really depends on what you mean by "same". And I don't mean that facetiously. As for repeating the God Learner mistakes, I don't see anyone doing that - although I do see people regularly making the errors of Plentonius (who is a far more unreliable narrator than most good God Learners).
  12. Jeff

    RQG 3 Book Slipcase Pre-sale?

    Jason and I are planning to put one together soon. But we have a lot in our INBOX right now.
  13. Jeff

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    Which is why we also make the plain character sheets available. Some people like plain sheets, other people like fancy sheets. The answer is BOTH.
  14. Jeff

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    Yep! And we have even more plans along this line.....
  15. Good catch - that was a bad cut and paste. It should read: Antirius is normally worshiped as a subcult of Yelm and not as an independent cult.