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  1. Jeff

    Heroes to Superheroes

    Actually, the word demigod comes from the Greek "hemitheoi", which meant "half-god" and didn't necessarily imply that one's had a divine parent. You could become a hemitheoi upon death. Demigod works perfectly fine for me. And since I am writing the rules, that's going to be the word I use.
  2. Jeff

    Heroes to Superheroes

    What makes a hero a Demi-god? I suspect those words (or their Gloranthan equivalents) have a lot of overlap. Both have cults dedicated to them (usually connected with another cult). A Demi-god tends to be more broadly acknowledged than a mere hero (but not always), tends to have more of a divine presence (ie a bigger Hero Aspect), etc. But the definition and distinctions are not going to be very precise.
  3. Jeff

    Heroes to Superheroes

    I use the terms hero and demigod. Although the terms certainly overlap, they are refreshingly free of the costumed connotations of superhero. WBRM merely needed two terms because Harrek, Jar-eel, and Androgeus needed some additional rules above and beyond those for Argrath, the Red Emperor, Ethilrist, etc. Having "hero" and "demigod" serves the same purpose. I suppose we could use "hero" and "greater hero" or "lesser hero" and "greater hero" - but "demigod" has better connotations.
  4. Jeff

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    The Clearwine style of architecture is pretty common in Dragon Pass (especially the areas settled from Esrolia and Hendrikiland). It is modelled on the hill villages of Southern France, Italy or the Balkans (the artist actually lives in a hill village of about 1000 people) - and actually is appropriate for a city with about 1500 residents, that is also a significant religious/political center.
  5. Jeff

    Cost of stuff in the new RQG

    And in the conversion notes.
  6. Jeff

    Cost of stuff in the new RQG

    ALL prices have been recalculated. Old RQ2 (and even worse was RQ3) adventurers had to carry around a Kings Ransom just to buy training or a spell. The new RQ prices are now oriented towards 1 cow = 20 L as in HQ, but refined a lot further.
  7. And that was the norm in many cultures. Then again, I can't hike barefoot without reducing my feet to bleeding stumps, but that was also the norm in many cultures.
  8. Whichever one your character has a better skill at is best, of course.
  9. Which gets reflected in RuneQuest, in that in most cases, one's ability to do stuff while mounted gets capped at your Ride skill. What we have found is that for Grazers or Praxians that is not much of a limit, as their Ride tends to be higher than their best weapon skill. But for settled folk, that is a significant limitation.
  10. Jeff


    Encountering things on the Spirit World that you have no training or aptitude in dealing with.
  11. You are correct. High Llamas don't start with great skills with Composite Bow as it is not used in ordinary life, but plenty of High Llama Riders know how to use composite bows. Especially those who serve as full-time warriors.
  12. Jeff


    Hazia, as described in the RuneQuest rules, is far more potent that marijuana. When smoked or inhaled, it allows the soul to discorporate from the body, just like the Rune spell or shamanic ability. Worryingly, this effect lasts 1D6 hours! This is Glorantha, so it REALLY does that. And it is addictive as hell. That being said, we have one character who routinely abuses hazia in order to discorporate, deal with spiritual entities, and even engage in Spirit Combat.
  13. I'm the creative director and editor-in-chief on this, which means I have to dig into each cult, make sure that they are integrated with each other, write the new myths, etc. Jason is there to make sure I do a good job at it. Although Greg had volunteers to help with the old RQ2 material, he ended up rewriting almost every submission. Very substantially in some cases.
  14. Hence the reason it is going to be Gods of Glorantha. It is about the same number of cults as the RQ3 Gods of Glorantha, but all done long-form, with myths, history, more information, more spells, and the lot.