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  1. So....

    We managed to get some books out WAY ahead of schedule, and other books have taken WAY longer than we could possibly expect (sometimes for really weird reasons). Usually our estimates are pretty reasonable given the assumptions at play. But if those assumptions change (and they often do), then so does the schedule.
  2. So....

    Our plan is still to release the core rules, bestiary, and GM scenario pack before GenCon, and then keep rolling out books every other month or so. But honestly, this is now a silly thread and the sort of thing that makes me question whether we should ever make any announcements on when we expect books to be ready until the book is about to go to the printers. We tell you all our plans based on our own expectations, but we always have to adapt to changing circumstances. Writers might be slow or require more editing, feedback might enable more substantive editing than originally expected, artists might be slower, layout might hit a bottle-neck, and then there is the great black box of printing. If everything works as expected, we know how long it takes to make a book. That being said, things rarely go as expected.
  3. Aldryami vs uz

    As a general rule, yes. Or least behave more plant. Although naturally exceptions exist.
  4. Aldryami vs uz

    HeroQuest has fundamentally different mechanics from RuneQuest. And yes the Aldrya cult encourages its members to be strongly in tune with Plant, not Man (especially since elf player characters start with the Plant Rune at 75%). More Man-oriented elves tend to drift away from Aldrya towards Yelmalio, Babeester Gor, Ernalda, etc. without ever leaving Aldrya entirely. Normal elves in full embrace of the Song of Aldrya tend to be pretty difficult player characters in anything other than an all-elf party, as their kinship with and understanding of Man tends to be pretty minimal.
  5. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    You might be surprised, but ballet is quite Gloranthan, particularly in Dara Happen rituals. I believe this is some outtakes of the preparation for the Dance of the Heavens performed during the catastrophic consecration of the New Lunar Temple in Dragon Pass: Below was a dance I saw performed at Clearwine Fort as part of an Earth Season religious festival of Orlanth and Ernalda: Whereas I saw this dance during a Storm Season celebration of Orlanth:
  6. Aldryami vs uz

    Note, we don't use the Spirit Rune for corporeal beings. Even though shamans work with the Spirit Rune (ie spirits), they aren't really defined Rune except when the discorporate. I toyed around with including the Spirit Rune on the tree, but it simply didn't work very well in play (and it became clear that it would end up creating problems for future products that I'd like to avoid). For Aldryami, Man is opposed with Plant instead of Beast. A herdman has 100% Beast, no Man (despite having a hominid form). Now I gotta say, I wouldn't use the Rune tree and Elemental wheel to describe every NPC (or even most). I usually just write down the two or three most significant Runes. Just like I don't write down every skill a NPC might possess at a base or low rating.
  7. So....

    As Rick has already stated, we've begun layout of the core RuneQuest books.
  8. Dragonrise Aftermath in Sartar

    Some of this gets covered in the GM's Scenario pack, but the short version is this. After the death of Broyan, Queen Leika returned to Western Sartar to foment rebellion. That proved unnecessary. Instead, Kangharl and most of his loyal retainers were devoured by the True Dragon, and Leika and her supporters were simply let into Clearwine Fort. An assembly of chiefs and priests acknowledged Leika as tribal king and assented to her council. The Lunar manors were destroyed by angry farmers, and in the confusion and turbulence, many old grievances were settled violently. Many of the clans resort to banditry and have been joined by other elements created by the collapse of Lunar authority - Tusk Riders, Lunar deserters, rebels with no home to return to, and other outlaws.
  9. Sea travel between Nochet and Karse

    The Mirrorsea is a mostly shallow and gentle sea. Somewhere I have a map of its underwater topography,, but if I recall it averages around 80 meters deep or so until you get near the Troll Straits. It has plenty of moderately large islands (encompassing 10 square miles or more), with plenty of places to take on fresh water. I doubt there are many places in the Mirrorsea where you would need to go more than 30 miles to find a shore. Ludoch are common in the Mirrorsea, and it is rich with fish and life. I know of giant frogs, many species of crabs, crocodilians, salmon, plenty of turtles, seals, dolphins, and much more. It shares a lot in common with the Mournsea, except that the Mirrorsea is better sheltered thanks to the chain of islands across its south.
  10. Discussing probability verbally as a DM

    Most interesting thing I have seen on the forum in some time!
  11. Sorcerers of Pan Tang

    Hey gang - lets not send people to pirated copies of books.
  12. I'd like everyone on this thread to chill out and relax. I'd really prefer not to have to lock the thread. Jeff
  13. Actually from my perspective, it has shown me the opposite. There are several play-styles and traditions in play here, and where practicable, the rules should be written broadly enough so allow them. Even though my intent in Fanaticism is that the spell effects ALL attacks (melee and missile), I'm glad that it is easy and trouble-free for GMs who don't like the implications of that to interpret the rules in a manner consistent with their preferred style. The only downside to it is the occasion interminable forum debate, which - as long as it remains polite - is a small price to pay.
  14. The Eleven Lights artwork

    That's just a fanciful window I think. It certainly was not intended by either of us to be a Lunar decoration. But heck, it could be a remaining bit of Lunar decorations from the building's former owner.
  15. The Eleven Lights artwork

    You mean the circular window?