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  1. Photos of Sartar landscapes?

    A few at stream of thought: the Vinschgau in Italy, the Coastal Range (especially Mount Diablo and the mountains above San Jose) of California, the Tirol. the Balkans, Mount Olympus and Parnassus in Greece, Slovenia, the Maritime Alps.
  2. Are we there?

    Yes. We'll be showing it off soon enough.
  3. Yelmalio in Nochet

    Let me just warn folk against making too much of a direct link between events more than 1200 years apart.
  4. Are we there?

    As Jason said, layout is preceding forward every day. And so far the book is looking even better than 7th edition Cthulhu. It is shaping up to be the best looking book Chaosium has ever done.
  5. Esrolian Merchant Ships

    Kethaelan cargo ships look like tubs. They are wide, and fairly shallow. The Mirrorsea and Mournsea are often quite shallow (at low tide, many sunken lands reemerge from the waters). They aren't the most stable in open water, but they tend to try and overcome that magically rather than with better design.
  6. Esrolian Merchant Ships

    Rather than call it a C-shaped chine, an awful lot of marine archaeologists refer to these kind of ships as having a "flat-bottomed" hull. The Esrolian ships have a flatter hull that might be expected because they were developed for the Mirrorsea, and not for blue-sea travel.
  7. Esrolian Merchant Ships

    Like this: Think a Phoenician merchant ship with a flat-hull. It is a short, fat tub of a ship.
  8. Esrolian Merchant Ships

    The most popular merchant ship as described in the Guide is a flat-bottomed tub with square sails.
  9. Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    Well not in the core rules - the rules for heroes are in a forthcoming book (either in the cults book or in the "secrets" book - depending on page count of those). There's enough in RQG to keep you all busy for a long time.... Jeff
  10. The Praxian Tradition

    Did you get in a quarrel with the brother of the Herd Priestess? Is the local Waha Khan making your life unbearable? Does Storm Bull say it is unacceptable that we don't attack the Lunars? You have an option other than kinslaughter- leave your tribe and join the Pol-Joni. With the Pol-Joni life is an adventurer! With the Pol-Joni every man or woman can be whatever they make of themselves. You get the second best grazing land in Prax as well! And cool stuff from Dragon Pass! And real steak instead of beefalo or stringy antelope! Why would you NOT want to join the Pol-Joni? Geez, it is a wonder they aren't five times as big as they already are!
  11. The Praxian Tradition

    Yes. That's always been the case (see Cults of Prax is you doubt). The Pol-Joni also receive Bullmen from other tribes and from Dragon Pass.
  12. Gods/Goddess of Esrolia

    In what game system? Or are you asking where she fits into the God Learner classification scheme?
  13. Brithos divided

    Herd Men are beasts and have the Beast Rune. They just look like men. But they are no more the Man Rune than stick insects are the Plant Rune.
  14. I agree. Especially since the pseudo-Celtic or pseudo-Viking stuff doesn't look at all how those people represented their gods.
  15. I've gotta say, I'm not a fan of either piece and wouldn't use either as reference pieces for other artists. Here's my go to reference piece for Orlanth: