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  1. The main trade route to Tarsh is via Alda-Chur and then on to Slave Wall and then Furthest.
  2. A mule caravan going about 25 miles a day, day after day. A small mounted group could do it faster if necessary.
  3. Only the Triceratops Queen "herds" dinosaurs.
  4. Easiest route is to go to Quackford and then head to Wilmskirk, which takes another day. From there you take the King's Road south to Karse, which takes about 5 days. From Karse you can get a boat across the Mirrorsea Bay. So you be able to do it in about a week. That route has good roads the whole way - and Sartarite royal roads from Whitewall to Quackford, complete with inns and places to rest and feed and water mounts.
  5. Horses get Hyalor or Hippoi, often in conjunction with Yelmalio, but sometimes alone.
  6. Good question for Saturday's Impromptu Convention!
  7. There is a lot going on in the later Lunar Empire. Like a mystical Napoleon or the Third Reich, the Lunar Empire engages in a whirlwind of conquest, only to collapse within a decade.
  8. The Sartar Book for RQG.
  9. Geo is in the Sartar Book. His network of inns have renewed importance now that Sartar is ruled by a member of the Sartar Dynasty.
  10. Yes. This is spot on. The Sadducees and Pharisees or the Chinese Legalists are IMO far better sources of ideas about the Rokari than Martin Luther or the Salafis.
  11. My main quibble is that Argenteus is not Elvis - he's Telly Savalas.
  12. There are atheists - the Brithini and Vadeli believe the world is nothing but matter, energy, and intellect, and that the gods themselves are merely more powerful sorcerers like themselves who trapped themselves into self-delusion and hubris, and now are devoid of free will. But they don't deny the existence of those powerful beings.
  13. The Rokari are also Realists. They take the world as it empirically is. They also believe things exist independent of our perception and understanding. This is to be contrasted with the New Hrestoli Idealists who believe that reality is indistinguishable from understanding/perception.
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