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  1. I barely even know what to say. There is no other game design person who's work has had as much influence on me as Greg. I remember being at my first GAMA Trade Show in New Orleans in maybe 96(?), hanging out on Bourbon St. with Matt Forbeck and Charles Ryan and running into Greg (who Matt knew, I think), and striving mightily not to lose my fanboy shit. Greg couldn’t have been nicer. I got to know him a little bit over the next few years, not deeply, but socially. Every time I'd see him at a show and hear him say "Hey Hal" my 12 year old self freaked out. GREG STAFFORD KNOWS WHO YOU ARE my brain would yell. It never really stopped. I eventually even came within a hairs’ breadth of doing business with Greg. It didn’t work out, but those he ended up eventually partnered with have given new life to his work. I can’t help thinking that, as much fun as it would have been to work with Greg, things worked out perfectly. My deepest condolences to Greg's friends and family, and to all my friends at Chaosium. I consider it an absolute privilege to have gotten to know Greg, and his work will continue to entertain and enlighten both me and so many others for years to come. Gone to soon, Greg. Rest easy. Rest quietly. You will be missed more than I can say.
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