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    As an historian, I like to live in a complex and beautiful setting full of options : Glorantha, or King Arthur's Pendragon are perfect.
    As an old gamer - nearly 35 years ! -, I love to be really with friends and like simple systems also to encapsulate proximity and to play with players and not only with characters. So : DCC ! Fun and close...
    I have been the rewriter of the first - french - version of Jack Vance's Lyonesse in rpg back in 1999.
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    Pendragon, Cops, D&D 5e, DCC
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    Based in Montreal, Canada.

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  1. I fully understand the reasons behind the decision and can't understand ESD attitude and breach of licence agreement. I would like you to know that for french speakers - end readers - players, ESD did really resurrect CoC as a major game in french rpg world. The quality of the editing and the choice of books to translate - not speaking of the original work - is unequaled in France. It is a very saddening decision. I don't know if any french editor can work so beautifully on your game we love so much. Is there no hope remaining ?
  2. Excellent ! Tu vis dans quel quartier ? Moi dans HoMa.
  3. Great game of Runequest today, with the old french screen and the beginning of a campaign originally written for Herowars. A lot of fun and many thoughts for the great shaman we miss so deeply ! Game played in Montreal, Canada. #WeAreAllUs
  4. Thank you for your work, imagination and vision, Greg. For years now, we have played your games, lived in your worlds, entertained friends with your stories. You changed rpg for the best. Your legacy is grand and beautiful. We miss you.
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