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    D&D 3.5 and PF: 2010-2014 consistently
    D&D 5e: 2014-2018, on and off
    Shadowrun 5e: 2014-2018, on and off
    ACKS: GM'd it briefly in 2016
    Wild Talents: Played in 2017
    Mythras: GMing in 2018
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    [Mythras, unnamed classical-era setting]: PCs are gladiators trying to earn enough fame to fight the devil and earn a boon from him. World in turmoil, unknown danger from the underworld.
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    East coast USA, milennial, playing mostly with close friends, but also randoms on occasion.
  1. Hello all, I'm GMing and I'm looking for a good sheet to track wounds and status-effects for NPCs. Something which can track multiple NPCs on the same sheet would be ideal. Thank you
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