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  1. I'm really glad someone's doing a RIFTS conversion, so thanks for this guys! My only small concern is still Kevin Siembieda, he's notorious for attacking people who come up with conversions from RIFTS. So I'm thinking, why not come up with a new title for it and make an original setting that's directly inspired by RIFTS and that way, it can be freely shared (or sold) as PDFs? I would hate to see so much work and passion poured into a book only to be taken down by an angry rift god.
  2. I wonder if it's possible to convert RIFTS, especially Splicers, into M-Space? The thing is, I am still fairly new to M-Space and I absolutely have zero experience in either RIFTS or Splicers, but their concepts are what strongly intrigued me into wanting to convert them into M-Space. The problem with RIFTS is that it seems extremely crunchy and time-consuming like hell so far from what I read and I saw that there's already a conversion for Savage Rifts, but I prefer M-Space and d100 ones as they seem simpler. I'm mostly interested in the idea of a sci-fi universe about vulnerable humans in organic/sentient power armors, much like Guyver and fighting powerful galactic beings and using only biotech/biomechanical equipment instead of actual machines. In other words, a Biopunk sci-fi game. If a conversion is not possible, maybe you guys might have some ideas on adding skills and fleshly power armor equipments and such that would be doable for M-Space? I've been researching for several days mulling over other RPGs for this kind of specific genre, but I would rather stay with M-Space if possible. Here are some other few inspirations just in case: Guyver, H.R. Giger arts, the video games Warframe and Scorn, and of course the RPG book Splicers, and anything Biopunk. *Just in case if the creator of RIFTS, Kevin Siembieda, comes stomping in here demanding this thread on conversion from RIFTS to M-Space be removed, you can PM me the conversion before this thread goes down and I'm fine with original ideas too. I need it that bad! Thanks for reading!
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