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  1. Hi everyone! I have a short question on the topic of character improvement that is not stated openly in the books (as far as I know) and I would like your input. Upon changing an Age Category you should roll an improvement check for the chance to increase your EDU. The book shows that these increases in EDU, if the improvement checks are successful, account for a raise in the investigator's skill point pools as Harvey Walter's example shows. The question is: do further increases in EDU improvement checks for aging OUTSIDE CHARACTER CREATION result in retroactively gaining skill points? But now consider this: Mid campaign, an investigator turns 40, fails his EDU improvement check and assigns the age penalties to STR, DEX & CON and APP. What would happen if his occupation were also APP related, such as being an Actor (Stage Actor), and some skill points get derived from the now diminished characteristic? Would this result in retroactively losing skill points? Analyzing it all I would lean to: No. Changing characteristics mid-game do not result in gaining skill points. What is your opinion on the matter? Edit: added 7e tag.
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