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  1. Looks like I shouldn't have skimped and skipped purchasing Book of Warlord and Book of Uther. I don't have those which is why I am a bit disconnected from current knowledge. Thanks again all, lots of help as usual!
  2. First of all I want to thank EVERYONE for the excellent discussion here, I typically avoid participating in online forums as they are usually quite hostile, but this community is amazingly supportive. It has helped me a LOT. I will admit I have not read Mallory. I will as it is clear it will help, but I have had a passing amateur interest in Arthurian legend for a long time so am not completely ignorant. I also have done a bit of research in feudal society and the history of Brittania, again not as a historian but more from an interest in the topic and it's roots in fantasy lore (and a youth fascinated with knights in shining armor many many decades ago). Given that I am a long way from an expert on Arthurian lore, both myself and my players have still been greatly enjoying Pendragon. The players especially feel like they are learning through playing and are excited about participating in legends they all are at least familiar with. The point that I can make it come alive even more by reading at least Le Morte D'Arthur is well taken. Getting back on the original topic, I have been trying to compile notes for heading into the Anarchy and have a few holes I was wondering if some of you could help fill in. I am trying to set up details for the players of the neighbors and here is what I have: Hampshire: Earl ?, Earl ? collegium legate in Winchester, Hantonne port for royal fleet, soon to be conquered by Cerdic and I assume the Earl and any heirs are killed? Dorset: Earl ?, Praestor Jonathel in Dorchester Collegium legate Jagent: Earl Tegfan, County of Cornwall, Collegium legate Earl Tegfan Somerset: King Cadwy (the magician king?), Kingdom, King Cadwy Collegium legate Marlboro: Earl ?, Sir Thebert warden of Terrabil notable knight from Marlboro Silchester: Duke Ulfius, Duke Ulfius collegium legate, Ulfius is most powerful noble left after St Albans (not neighbor but powerful) Lindsey: Duke Corneus is not named until 502 up until then it is just Duke Lindsey. Is this because the original duke dies at St Albans and Corneus inherits? I am specifically looking for any help filling in the question marks (?).
  3. Thanks guys for the quick help, it's all coming together now. We will likely get to the PKs meeting Cerdic tonight and I think I have it all mapped out so that I can adequately answer the players questions about all this... My Hate (Saxons) 18 PK is going to be squirming again. He is shaping up to be one of the most influential knights in Salisbury during the Anarchy so I have a pretty good feeling what the future holds for Salisbury. It's a little prophetic that he just spent 36 Librum on a full Motte-and-Bailey, he's likely going to get quite a bit of use out of it! Bonus questions: Am I reading Book of the Estate right that a complete Motte-and-Bailey can be completed in one year? And what happens to the old Large Wooden Hall when a full Motte-and-Bailey is built?
  4. Yeah, I have read well ahead (I think I have read in detail up to around 540). The problem is information overload, I am having difficulty digesting it all, it had been a couple months since I read through the Anarchy in detail. Thus the spreadsheets and separate notes, my notes regarding Wessex failed me. A search on "Wessex" didn't work as the section on Cerdic never mentions "Wessex"...
  5. I might have just figured it out. Does Hampshire become Wessex after an invasion in 496? If so, sorry about the wasted bandwidth...
  6. We are about to head into the Anarchy period and I am a little confused about Wessex in GPC. Wessex plays a major role, but I cannot find it anywhere on a map. I know it's supposed to be south between Sussex and Cornwall, it seems it should be sharing a border with Salisbury as Wessex is going to be a major problem in this period to my Salisbury knights. One of the things I am finding most difficult about running the GPC is how important NPC's and regions just pop up suddenly in the narrative with no previous explanation. I have tried mapping things out with spreadsheets and notes, but it is a monumental task and Wessex in the Anarchy has me stuck. The counties neighboring Salisbury are Somerset/Somerland, Jagent, Dorset, and Hampshire/Hantonne. All maps I have of the southwest coast show Logres covering it all west of Sussex. The maps my players are familiar with are here for reference (I am trying to place Wessex for them in this context): https://thegreatpendragoncampaign-2.obsidianportal.com/maps Help!
  7. There were only 3 PKs involved at that point. I like the idea of having the reward come from Roderick at Uther's urging. I already had planned some treasure as reward, but the idea of whoever earned the most glory in the capture being awarded land in Salisbury is excellent. This keeps it closer to home, and limits the expansion and makes it special. How mechanically does this work in BoE? Basically their estate is now income of 2 Librum instead of 1 and they now have two plots for expansion instead of 1? How do PKs eventually get vassal knights of their own? The core rules cover this a lot, but I get the feeling it is extremely rare and the GPC would be better off if I avoid this...
  8. The PKs managed to capture the warbanner of a Saxon king and earned great glory during the Uther period. I have been looking out for opportunities to elevate the PKs as they advance in their careers, earning new holdings and possibly vassal knights of their own. It seems like something like this should qualify, but I'm not sure exactly what to do. If King Uther were to reward these heroes with new holdings where would they be and how mechanically would it work (I am using Book of the Estate)? Would I just award them a new manor in some county other than Salisbury and just hand wave +1 Librum income (and an additional plot for expansions)? Is there a list of manors Uther has in his back pocket to hand out as rewards? Could they then assign a family knight as lord of the new estate and make him a vassal if they were so inclined? Any suggestions on how to help the PKs expand their holdings and standings is appreciated!
  9. Yes, and it went off very well. The players really enjoyed the change of pace from the battles of the Uther period. They were very interested in the Roman connection. The high hate player had a VERY uncomfortable time in Baron Wilfrith's hall, he was wearing his hatred on his sleeve and I had great fun taunting him (this knight has a very high appearance and high courtly skills, so my favorite taunt was "I didn't know the southerners had LADY knights!"). Thankfully his famous prudent and high hospitality scores allowed him to keep his composure, along with some help from his more level headed friends. I definitely made the player pay a price for his high hatred as he constantly felt on the verge of losing control with dire consequences and was very nervous. Every PK had a chance to shine and role-play.
  10. Wow, this one went totally off the rails. How do we go from "I want to run an adventure that isn't just all combat to give my players some variety, I really like the themes of this adventure, any suggestions how to adapt it to 490" to "You shouldn't be playing this game"? I am going to run it as-is, the high Hate PK will cause a lot of trouble, the < 16 hate PKs (thanks Morien for reminding me that < 16 means it isn't forced) will have a challenge dealing with the situation. I am not going to require a Hate roll to force the PK to try and murder every Saxon he comes across, that's childish. As long as there is some serious downsides to the Hate demonstrated in game, I am satisfied.
  11. I understand all that, it's just that I was looking for a change of pace from "kill Saxons" which dominates this period. I saw this adventure as something that would require some more subtlety, I hate to see it devolve to just more of the same because of some dice rolls. Everybody has SOME Hate (Saxons), if they all roll a success they could be facing a party wipe, and seeing that happen because of some passion die rolls makes for a bad game. I hear what you all are saying about passions having a downside. But even a successful passion roll doesn't make a knight a maniacal killer. I won't force a combat just because of a passion roll, but a passion plus reckless? Heck yeah. I am a very experienced GM, I think I can manage the situation such that I can demonstrate the downside to high passions while still avoiding a party wipe by unbalanced combats forced on a die roll. Actually, it's a situation that will challenge my GM skills, require me to do some quick thinking and react based on where the story takes us. Thanks for the discussion. However, my questions on Malahaut still stand: Are the Centurion King's subjects a culturally diverse lot?
  12. Want to talk consequences? The player of the 20 Hate (Saxons) passion is my wife! Yikes! Great stuff here as usual here! One thing I am trying to wrap my head around is Malahaut itself. I may be a little crippled because I skimped on Book of Uther/Warlord, but there is not a lot of clear information on Malahaut considering how much activity of the GPC takes place there. I take it that Malahaut is basically a Cymric kingdom, but considering it's size and location I am guessing that it is quite diverse in the cultures of the Centurion King's subjects? Would there be Angles/Saxons/Brigantes as subjects of Malahaut? Would it be possible to replace the Angles in question with Brigantes (which would not trigger Hate Saxons right)? Or I could just make them some unsavory Cymric subjects of the Centurion King? There is precedent for some tension between Malahaut's subjects and the knights from Logres that I set up a few years back. Some better understanding of Malahaut could help in preparing for our upcoming sessions in general, and lead me to a way to solve my concerns with this adventure. I really want to make this adventure work in our current situation as it will be a nice change of pace from the brutal series of conflicts that dominates the Uther period and the story is really cool.
  13. Thanks to a lot of great replies asking about adventure support in another thread I am planning on running the Adventure of the Horned Boar from The Specter King, moving it to around 490 when the PKs are gallivanting across the north as emissaries of Uther. In this adventure the antagonists are Angles. Thus far the GPC has portrayed the Saxons as bogey men, anytime they show up there is blood. The core book indicates "Saxons" are to include the Angles and the Jutes. However, the Angles in this adventure are treated more in the "grey" zone as outsiders that you may dislike but sort of belong because it assumes Arthur has subdued the area. So I am having trouble figuring out how to portray the antagonists in this story at this time frame. One PK has a Hate (Saxons) at 20 (his new wife was captured at a certain ambush a few years back and raped, so he has been ramping up his Hate passion based on this incident). I am worried if the PKs go all "Saxons!!!! Chaaaarrrrgggee!" this adventure will loose a lot of nuance and possibly result in the PKs quickly getting in over their heads (liberal use of Prudent calls from the GM will likely be the best way to save them). Any suggestions on how to treat Angles vs Jutes vs Saxons in general, especially in light of Hate (Saxons) passion, and/or ideas on Angles as antagonists in the Malahaut region around 490 in GPC?
  14. We are currently in 489 GPC, and I am looking for some adventure supplements I can drop into the campaign to break up tempo of the years rolling by. I could have sworn I read a discussion about adventures in older supplements that broke down by period and discussed quality/quantity of content in various older supplements. But I cannot find it, I have tried at least 3 times, no love. While I will probably end up diving into most of them, I was wondering where to start/priority considering we are in the middle of the Uther period right now. If anybody could point me in the right direction either with where to find the previous discussion or with some specific suggestions on which supplements to start with I would greatly appreciate it! Just scrolling through the old supplements on DriveThruRPG makes this seem like a monumental task as there is so much content to wade through...
  15. The Expanded Manor Luck tables are interesting, but depend heavily on "Fate" points. What is this? Surely not the turn failure into success mentioned as "fate point" in II.10, there are way too many in the tables for that.
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