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  1. I ran the Quickstart for friends and we have enjoyed it. I have bought the slipcase and it seems like a lot. I was looking for more information about the product between the Quickstart and the full game. And that was kind of weird.
  2. Can Team Chaosium talk about this as an onramp to the full set of rules? That is: What isn't in the Book 1: Rules? Any thoughts about when or how to expand to the larger rules set? What besides being "less" or "more" what is the advantage of either set of rules? In other words, could one keep playing successfully with only Book 1: Rules for some time? What would one be missing out on? Thanks!
  3. For what it is worth, for the most part Traits and Passions do not make any character do anything. (Only fumbles and crits demand a specific accordance with a Trait or Passion.) What the Traits and Passions do is track the actions of the character. And if the character keeps behaving in a certain way, the stat goes up. (Or, respectively, the opposite Trait or the Passion goes down.) Independent of that, a player might use a success, failure, or choice of behavior in a specific moment, as a springboard for information about the knight. The above summary is how KAP is written -- not ho
  4. I am appreciating the tales of how people are using the augments to increase character and narrative juice.
  5. Probably! Thank you! But isn' this kind of paying a ransom?
  6. I remember reading somewhere that Saxons can be ransomed (yes?) Can anyone point me to where that is covered? Can anyone tell me what the values might be? (Most likely compared against the vales of knights.) Thanks!
  7. That is not what I read elsewhere. (The GPC will be split. But I have also read the core rules will be split. But that might be incorrect internet stuff!)
  8. The next edition of Pendragon (from what I understand from comments made by Larkin and gathered by folks online) is going to be three volumes totaling 650 pages. (I might be wrong about this!) As far as I can tell, this means folding some of the material from the Book of X books into the core game. So I assume the next round of supplements will have to be rebuilt. (It also seems crazy and dangerously long for a game that never needed to be that long in its core rules. But that’s me.)
  9. Here's the link to a Drivethru search for Pendragon. The prices listed are for the PDFs. But click on the link for each book an you'll see the options for POD.
  10. Great. Thanks! Can you talk a bit about conflicts? How you set them up and define them? What sorts of results are possible as you translate the results from the die rolls into the fiction?
  11. I'd live to dig more into this topic! Specifically, there is a part of me that wants to make sure to keep the harsh struggles of survival promised by Runequest... but I look at those stat blocks and all those combat rules and think, "Man, I really want to use QuestWorlds!" For those of you who use HQ/QW for your Glorantha games, can you talk more about how you apply the mechanics to build the kind game play and experiences at the table you enjoy? Thank you!
  12. Is the Discord link only posted on Facebook, or also here?
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