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  1. creativehum

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    And yet my disbelief compelled me to ask anyway.
  2. creativehum

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    Wait. I have to ask. Does the screen actually keep the axis of the Dodge and Parry charts flipped as in the RQG, so that the attack runs down the vertical edge on the Parry table, while the attack runs along the horizontal edge on the Dodge table? Because... why would anyone set the tables up that way?
  3. creativehum

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    Well... Well done again, folks!
  4. How can something so recent (the Book of Knights & Ladies) be the thing that "tipped Greg off to the 96 vs. 80 after all these years." That's nonsensical. Having 80 points be the target for the Chivalrous bonus worked fine for two decades. The complications only arrived recently. Greg may have said it was a mistake going back decades in one post on a forum, but the fact remains the complications are new. Yes, BoKL hands out Trait points like candy... and so a problems are created. Raising the value for the Chivalrous bonus is one option. (BoKL along with the introduction of British Christianity in KAP 5.x) Here is another: stick to the core rules and all these problems vanish. After all, BoKL is a supplement... and one that seems to gum up the game as written. Why obsess over it? Further, if one removes British Christianity and its bonuses (which were only introduced in 5th edition, and again, throws the Religious Traits/Chivalrous bonuses out of whack) most of the issues of Chivalry being too easy to reach vanish as well. Or, one accepts that, according to BoKL all PC Knights are exemplars of regional and religious values and leave it at that. So, yes, they also get the Chivalry bonus easily, because the system seems designed to make them amazing in terms of their traits. That's what that inflation in that supplement offers. If you don't want that, don't use the Trait system from BoKL. This all touches on something I was saying in another thread: I don't want another RPG line where you have to stitch together a dozen books and figure out how they all fit together to play the game. The notion that an optional PDF character sheet that many (if not most) players don't even know exists is now "official" rule is odd. One can buy KAP 5.2 and the game works without any of these new complications of Glory inflation or Chivalry being too easy to reach. Why not reexamine these supplements that seem to be adding trouble and grow the game from core rules that already work?
  5. creativehum

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    All true. And these are questions I wanted answers for and I asked several times here. The answers ranged, as far as i remember, from "It's a tool kit, do whatever you want!" to wordy posts that I could not decipher. I know I can do whatever I want with the setting. But that it is so hard for me to get a clear answer to these questions from the authors of the setting--what they expect the setting to be like in their own vision--kind of boggles me.
  6. creativehum

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    Isn't it Jeff who keeps popping in to remind everyone that the PCs are exceptional and that the character creation rules contained RQG apply to the creation of PCs, not everyone? Further, as far as I can tell, Jason really works his ass off trying to make sure he is speaking the truth of the book that Jeff wrote. If there has been any daylight between them I haven't noticed it. (I don't read every thread, so maybe I missed lots of such examples. But from what I have read, I haven't really seen them at odds on these matters.)
  7. creativehum

    RQG 3 Book Slipcase Pre-sale?

    As I understand it, if you bought the PDFs from Chaosium, you should get an emailed coupon for when the books are available which will discount the cost of the PDF from the price of the physical copy. Chaosium has stated in other threads that these coupons can also be applied to the cost of the slipcase, with each coupon a person has applied to the slipcase set.
  8. creativehum

    RQG 3 Book Slipcase Pre-sale?

  9. creativehum

    RQG 3 Book Slipcase Pre-sale?

    Hi Rick, Thanks for all the info so far. Do you know what the cost will be for the slipcase set? (The base price. I've bought PDFs so I will use my coupons against the base cost, of course.)
  10. creativehum

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    I suspect, reading your posts, you haven't had a chance to look at RuneQuest Glorantha yet. If this is the case, you should know that the core book provides a timeline for grandparents and parents that begins with the birth of the grandparents in 1561.(The default beginning of a campaign in the book is 1625.) So the Family History Timeline (similar to the one found in King Arthur Pendragon) already stretches back few decades. I am only asking for a few decades more. That is, far enough back that one could ramp up into play to the earlier years found in various Gloranthan products (to 1613 or so; Apple Lane, The Sartar is Rising Campaign). This only requires another decade or two of additional material. Your post suggests two things: Going back a century "or two." That seems an extraordinary project, and not one I would advocate. Again, in my post I suggested going back a few decades. Maybe only one or two. I have no idea how or why you expanded the notion so greatly. Such a thought could only discourage anyone from thinking about this notion at all. There is little support material. I find this a strange comment. Going back a few decades one finds a great wealth of material for the history of a Sartar campaign history scattered across many, many publications. Some extrapolation for finer events and details might be required. But it can be done. As for myself, I'm really much more curious about going back to the collapse of Heortling resistance at the Battle of Grizzly Peak. I'd really like to explore time with a Sartar tribe that knows trouble has closed in, but hasn't yet arrived. What do they do? Attack? Build up defenses? Go on with their lives with the hopes the Lunars will stop. It would mean adding Family History material going back to 1520. Which is still only four decades more than already included in RQG. But that's my own obsession. All in all, what I am suggesting is much simpler than what you are proposing, both in terms of scope and information available.
  11. creativehum

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    Actually I mean mean something like RuneQuest: Glorantha's Family History tables, where you can see what happened in parent's and grandparen's day. And which could be used to jump in anywhere in the timeline. Except going back a little bit further for more elasticity. Some of us are coming to Gloratha without having played through all the terrific history and material others have chewed through in previous decades. If and when I get a chance to run a game in Glorantha, I would want to do it while the Lunar incursion is still underway.
  12. creativehum

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    One of the coolest things Chaosium could produce, in my opinion, is a booklet offering life paths going back a few decades, so a group could choose where to start play while integrating directly into the RQG rules.
  13. creativehum

    RPGNet review of KAP 5.2

    Like I said... yes. And keep in mind, I was specifically referencing the review linked to at the top of this thread. The reviewer took the time to read through the entire game carefully... and then made the complaint I mentioned above. Given the detail the reviewer offered, I was surprised he made this complaint. That's all.
  14. creativehum

    RPGNet review of KAP 5.2

    I really don't get the complaint that people can't play sorcerers or wizards as so,e sort of weakness. I mean -- get that some people will expect it and be frustrated that they can't play a magic-user of some sort. But I then think of the game as is and ask, "Why would you want to fuck that up?"