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  1. Thank you for all the replies! I'm lucky that I have a wonderful gaming group, with many players. Too many! I'll be running a game better suited for a few number of players for the time being. I'm sure one day we'll have a stretch where lots of folks are not available. And when that day comes, we'll journey to mythic Britain...
  2. What number of players have people found as the "sweet spot" for Pendragon? I'm asking because I was planning on getting a game going, but some folks have moved back and my gaming group has swelled to six players plus GM, and I think that is going to hinder the game. So I'm polling on thoughts/experience people have. Thanks!
  3. Thank you for that. I'm in the US... and the US warehouses ran out of the books well before everyone else. The website doesn't have full stock online, so I can't see if it is still there and what shipping would be, so I'm not sure shipping from Australia will be worth it. But thank you sincerely for the tip!
  4. Thanks for the replies! When I look at the Virtues for British Christianity, honestly I see a more masculine version of Christianity compared to what becomes Roman Christianity. (Was simply "Christianity" in 3rd.) If Grail Christianity is supposed to acknowledge the divinely feminine in religion and life, I think I'll work from Roman Christianity and tweak it somehow. (I'll deal with it if it comes up! All in all, I find myself looking back more to 3rd edition and Knights Adventurous. Everything is so much simpler. So, having a single Christianity with tweaks as needed for the Grail
  5. I wanted to thank everyone for this conversation. I came to ask about this very question, did a search, found this thread, and sorted out how I wanted to handle Lot, his age, and his advancement. Lovely notes, everyone!
  6. We're winding down one game in my Monday Night Group, and I'm prepping notes to finally bring King Arthur Pendragon to the table. (For variety of reasons I wanted to make sure this was a game we played in person. And last year... not so much.) After consideration I've decided to use The Adventure of the White Horse as my first adventure. As @Morienpoints out, it is a terrific example of using Traits and Skills, and has a lovely bit of magic in it. I think it will teach the "feel" I want for the campaign, both in terms of rules and setting. (The adventure is found in both the 3rd and 4th e
  7. Thank you. I just found this in the GPC on p. 152, A Wife for Earl Robert: Knights are needed to take gifts and to negotiate with her liege lord, who might be either the Earl of Rydychan or of Marlboro. I will make the liege lord the Earl of Rydychan to introduce Rydychan to the players early on. This will pay off later in the Anarchy Period. Thanks so much!
  8. Got it. So once Earl Robert is married to Katherine, then White Horse Vale is part of Salisbury. But not util then. The confusion stands in 5.x because "The White Horse" in all three editions is listed as being in Salisbury in the description of White Horse. But I know now that is not the case yet and all is fine. Moving on: Would you happen to know in what county White Horse Vale is a part of before Salisbury gains it through marriage? It looks like it might be in Silchester?
  9. Super nerdy question: In the text of the KAP books, White Horse Vale and Uffington (and thus the White Chalk Horse itself) are always listed as being in Salisbury. But when I look at maps in the books, White Horse Vale and Uffington (or Uffingham) seem to be clearly outside the bounds of Salisbury. Does anyone have any information or thoughts about this? Thanks! (I'm planning on using @Morien's suggestion of The Adventure of the White Horse for my group's first adventure, and I think I know how to get them into it easily. But I also want to make sure my geography is
  10. I only care about canon to the degree that “Is this idea interesting to me?” — but out of curiosity what might some of these corrections be?
  11. I think we are talking past each other. But I am happy to wait from official word from Chaosium. Reprinting Eleven Light will either happen or it won’t.
  12. I think we can assume that any "reprinting" of the books assumes the trademarked name and branding will be changed. The only question I had was whether the material would be in a printed book again.
  13. By the time I had money set aside for these two books, only Coming Storm was still available in the US. I'd love to get a copy of Eleven Lights -- but not at eBay prices? Will these books be available again in print some time in the future?
  14. I want to add: The structure of Six Seasons is, I think, its core brilliance. For people who want to get into the tribal/anthro/cultural stuff I can't think of a better story spine than young members of a society transitioning from childhood to adulthood. The player characters are finding their way in their culture and among their gods just as the players are learning about the Orlanthi and their religion. It is a perfect opportunity for the GM and the players to find their way into the setting as bits of information are doled out as the characters learn more. It is also a terrific way fo
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