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  1. Hi @Ian Cooper, thank you for the reply. (And everyone else as well!) Like others here, when I bought Traveller as a teen decades ago I did not know what to do with it. Trained by early D&D to think in terms of location specific situations, the idea of a sprawling subsector worth of entire planets (let alone a sector worth of planets--on average 640 planets!) seemed overwhelming? How do write an adventure where the adventures can go anywhere? How do you plan for that? However, and this is crucial, the game had a hold on my imagination! The character creation system, with its comp
  2. Thank you for your comment. Some more context: I moved along with the game line with each new edition. It has been in the last few weeks I’ve begun comparing the different versions of the Hero Wars/Heroquest line that I realize I found the earlier versions easier to run. Given that a lot of thought has been put into the SRD I though I’d check with Ian on the matter. I would like to run a Glorantha campaign using Six Seasons in Sartar and am deciding which rules system to use (RQG or a version of HW/HQ/QW) and wanted to ask Ian about using multiple Aguments.
  3. A question about Augments and the Bump in relation to this clause: "Given you get one augment for an augment ..." I understand "one Augment" has been the law of the land for some time. But honestly, my sweet spot was back in the Hero Wars days, where a CP could stack as many Augments as he wanted as long as they made emotional and narrative sense. I didn't have any problems with anyone scanning their sheet endlessly for Augments. It was all intuitive and emotionally based. With that in mind,@Ian Cooper, do you have any thoughts about what would be the proper set of bonuses for augmen
  4. I think that's true. But it's been a loooong time for me. So simply pulling down the latest file makes sense.
  5. Hey @Bill the barbarian we're talking abut two things here: Getting the coupons Getting updated PDFs. @lordabdul was answering my question about getting the updated PDFs.
  6. One more question: How does one download the latest versions of PDFs purchased from Chaosium? Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much! Yes, two of the books are for the slipcase edition of RQG, so thank you for the heads up on that.
  8. @MOB (or anyone else who can help!) I know this has been covered elsewhere, but my search-fu has failed. I have three PDF purchases I've made for Runequest books. I was mailed a coupon code for one of them, but not for the other two. I'm ready to pull the trigger for a holiday gift to myself. Who do I contact about getting the codes for the other two books? Thank you!
  9. Hello @Ian Cooper, pinging this once more. Reading Coming Storm right now, by the way, and enjoying it very much.
  10. That makes sense! My method of GMing it to toss things toward the players, and what they get interested in we follow up with. If your PKs already have some nemesis action going with three NPCs, using them as the heavies in the Anarchy Phase up north makes sense!
  11. This may not help, but when I was reviewing the GPC, I wanted to make sure to introduce the usurping brothers years earlier (along with the Duke and Duchess) at Uther's funeral (for example) so the PKs had a chance to hate them or warm to them. I think there is milage to be gained by making sure there are personal stakes. Interacting with, negotiating with one or more of the usurpers can and should be, I think at least one adventure. Also, the effort to gain allies on the part of the PCs is part of play too. While the campaign might involved campaigns and seines, I would focus more
  12. This is my reading of the text: The Religion (Christian) is not a Trait roll, but a Skill roll. (Religion is listed as a skill on the character sheet). The PK who both succeeds in rolling on the skill, and rolls the highest value for the skill, remembers the sermon and Gains 10 Glory. The PK, upon remembering the sermon, and any other PKs who hear the sermon from the PK who remembered the sermon, are become Inspired by the sermon without having to make a Passion roll. The logic seems to be that it is the sermon itself which inspires the PKs. The sermon inspires the PKs to f
  13. This has been an itch in my brain since I read it the other day. First, we don't know whether or not one gets a check for a critical on a Passion, since the Quickstart does not address checks for rolls except in specific circumstances. (I assume this is because it is a QS, and concerns about tracking long term growth don't need to be in the rules.) But the reason it stuck with me is that handing out a +1 point for a critical for Passions is nuts. I was completely baffled as to why the game would work this way and why it had never bothered me till now. So I went back to KAP 3rd
  14. For what it's worth, whether or not you've played KAP, this is how I always have seen it. Also: You should play KAP.
  15. Since this has become a thread about this singular issue, and I've been giving it some thought, I thought I'd post here: King Arthur Pendragon, unlike many other RPGs, makes it clear what qualities a knight is supposed to posses. The game tracks these qualities, reinforces them, and rewards Player Knights who act accordingly. So here's the thing: man or woman, if a knight is behaving like a knight, then all is well with the world. If the starting Player Knights are trained by a knight named Elaine rather than Elad, but Elaine behaves in manner similar to those Elad would posses, then
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