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  1. I think you're missing the commentary I'm making on people faulting storytellers for not being historically accurate. All in all, I don't think your post did anything other than pretty much agree with the points I made in my post. For that I thank you!
  2. The needs of story are completely different than the needs of history. Anyone who thinks Hollywood only started changing history in the last 40 years hasn't paid attention Hollywood's storytelling in the past 100 years. And if we go further back, we find history altering criminals like Dumas, Shakespeare, and Homer. Storytellers always take the grist of history and shape it to their own needs. That's what the storytellers of Arthurian legend did, looking back at a incidents we (and they) had no true record of, creating myths that they needed to shape for their own needs, from the grist of history. Ultimately King Arthur Pendragon is not about history. Is is about legend and myth. As noted in every edition of the game, Le Morte D'Arthur is the primary telling of the tale used for the game's inspiration. This means the game, following Malory's book, is looking backward with a nostalgic gaze to a time that never existed. This idea -- a lost time of something great -- is tied deeply into this particular telling of the tale. I understand that a lot of people want a more historical version of KAP with a lot more historical details. Greg certainly did! He kept working on more and more books to provide a historical grounding. But I also think this can become a trap -- since Arthurian legends in general, and KAP in particular -- are not history. The are myth and legend. "Whose myth and legend?" seems to be what this thread is about. I can only suggest that the answer to the question is as rich as the number of people who want to play a game of Arthurian legend. But I also think expecting one game book to support all versions of Arthurian legend is going to be too much for a single RPG. One of the things I have always loved and admired about KAP in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th editions, is that it knew what it wanted to be, and did exactly that thing very well.
  3. Okay, cool. So at the 70 or so manors he probably has household kngihts, responsible for protecting the manor, but not collecting money from it. Instead the Count pays them directly or is responsible for their upkeep. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reply! I wasn't clear enough about this, but for the moment my main focus is using only the core KAP rules, leaving aside all the supplements. (I use what I call "The Le Morte Rule": If it wasn't something Malory troubled explaining in Le Morte D'Arthur, then it probably isn't something I need to worry about in playing Pendragon. The supplements open a whole can of worms and rabbit holes that I don't need to create a setting for adventurous and conflict driven RPG play in the style of Le Morte D'Arthur. For me that is the sweet spot for King Arthur Pendragon. But I completely understand other people want a lot more detail to build out the setting.) To your answer, again, thank you. My question would be then, whose household are these Family Knights are part of? The Count? Other nobles? I can't imagine the Count is paying out almost every family member of every knight in Salisbury. But maybe? Are they household kngihts sitting on manors he owns? Household knights that also hang out at the PK's manor until called up? (I'm sure it can be a variety of responses! But narratively I'm looking for answers for when the Players ask, "Hey, it's winter. We're sitting by the fire. Where is my uncle hanging out?")
  5. Hi there, a bit of thread necro, as a question popped into my head. Above is the distillation of the answer I was given a year ago. I am now curious about that 3rd bullet point, the manors that the count controls, but that are not gifts or grants. Who lives in those? Who takes care of them? Are they knights? Do they have obligations to the Count (Earl, whatever)? Are they part of the knights that make up his army? And if not, who are they and what is their relation to the Count? Thanks!
  6. In the KAP core rules, the Player Knights inherit manors granted to their families two generations ago. Their upkeep is determined by how well the manor does each year, and any other gifts or loot they accumulate over the year. The PKs might also have brothers, cousins, uncles. Their upkeep is not supported by the PK's manor. They might be bachelor knights, they might be mercenary knights, or they might even be vassal knights -- but this, I assume -- is for the GM and the Players to sort out. My question is, is there any method in the book describing how to determine the upkeep or status of the PK's Family Knights? Or is this something the group decides on their own, year by year? If it is decided by the group that's fine. But I wanted to know if I was missing something. Thanks!
  7. I love the premise of this thread. I also think it's like one of the most important questions to ask about Glorantha. @Elcid321, thank you for starting it!
  8. Okay, figured it out. When you type in words (but before you hit Return), a list of results pops up. (As possibilities? I don't know.) That list does not include the link to the fonts. I looked at that list. But when I hit Return after typing in the words, the link, as @g33k said, is the second result.
  9. True! Let me look into why it failed the first time.
  10. My efforts to find the Core Runes in the Well have failed. If anyone has a link, that would be great! The search bar on the Well failed me, but a Google search did the trick. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/glorantha-core-rune-font/
  11. I had them. I switched to a new computer. I lost them. I've searched for them. I have failed. Does anyone have links for them? Thanks!
  12. Thank you so much! As a nerdy-amateur-RPG-archeologist this is exactly what I was looking for! And @Sir_Godspeed thank you for your efforts as well!
  13. Admittedly, I went a little nuts and built each player a little booklet for each of the pregens. Here is the Harmast as an example. Some people who saw them said, "That's way too much! My players would balk at having that much info!" But my players seemed fine with it and appreciated having everything at their fingertips for what is, let's face it, a kind of complicated game.
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