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    Playing since I was introduced to Top Secret and RuneQuest in high school in the early 80s. Didn't find D&D for several years later and boy was I shocked. Been into lots of other systems since.
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    Running 13th Age Glorantha
    Playing in ongoing campaigns of Torg 2nd Edition, Star Trek Adventures, Masks: A New Generation, and Feng Shui 2
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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    Glorantha enthusiast who likes his games cinematic!

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  1. We had a troll, but he died and didn't make a heroic return. The player opted for a human after that. I agree that the Occultist makes a good fit for the God Learner. And there's no need for you to GAF about canon, since YGWV. Ours is about to vary big time tomorrow night. Whatever you can upload, I will definitely take!
  2. "Sell it"? LOL, yeah, no I'm definitely not looking to sell it. Most of it is based on 13A, 13G and Cults of Prax anyway. Anyone could have done it. I just decided to. Let me know what you think. Goldentongue Class for 13G.pdf Sun Dome Templar Class for 13G.pdf
  3. I've developed a couple of new classes for 13G: The Goldentongue and the Sun Dome Templar. These are (of course) somewhat based on the suggestions on pages 439 and 441 of 13th Age Glorantha, but I've drawn heavily on my early RuneQuest experiences with Cults of Prax. (Create Market, Spell Trading, Kuschile Horse Archery, you get the idea.) At the urging of one of my players, I'm also working on a class that's close to my heart: the Lunar Priest. (Madness, Mind Blast and Lunes all around.) Is this the right place to post them for feedback and comment? It's not copyright infringement or anything, is it? (Because if it is, needless to say, I won't do it.)
  4. One of my players in my current 13G campaign has what he refers to as "gaming ADHD", and he has shown an interest in Praxian shamans. I did think that either the Hell Mother or maybe the Druid from 13 True Ways would do the job, but both are a lot of work. The Hell Mother is probably the least work, having said that, because only the flavour really needs to be changed. The game mechanics could remain the same. Jeez, wait a minute... I think two-fishes is that player! Hey, man. LOL! (Was it you who wanted to be a shaman? I thought it was another player, who has already switched characters once on purpose.)
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