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  1. My concept for magic is that the children could befriend smaller spirits. That spirit could use some spells for the kids. I think i would build it up like a passion. Do something nice for the spirit, it might help you later. If you are very nice to the spirits, you could end up with your own little PokeSpirit.
  2. Nice ideas, but not what i am looking for. I want to build a game about children in Glorantha for children. I need to simplify the rules, because i want it to be playable for ages six and up. There can not be any violence or horror themes. Plots evolve around meeting strange and interesting creatures, solving mysteries and so on. I might have a combat skills like dodge and wrestle, but no murder skills what so ever. My problem is, that i do not know, how to portrait children in Gloranthan society. And even less i know about how to do it in a way, that children can understand what they are doing.
  3. Yes, i saw that. But for one, i am not interested in HeroQuest. I find it also very pricey and lastly it is not aimed at children. I dont think its what i am looking for.
  4. Great response, thank you. I plan to write a special version of the rules. It will use one d10 instead of the d100 to role. Should be easy to grasp. There will not be all of the skills on the sheet. Just what the kids need to be kids. Combat might not even be an option at all. And if so, it is about running away or playing a trick on a monster. I just had the idea to give every group a spirit that protects and guides them. Maybe something they could build together. Would such a thing work with the canon? Also i would implement a luck mechanic, like the one in Pulp Cthulhu. Or some kind of special divine intervention.
  5. Hello everyone, I am looking into a very specific topic. My daughter is now ten years old, and after a few experiences with other rpgs, i want to introduce her and her friends to Runequest and Glorantha. The plan is, to let them play a band of children who go on fantastic adventures together. Think Goonies in Glorantha. But how do i do that? What would the stats of a kid in the system be? Would they have allready affinities to runes? Wich gods would look after the little ones? Where would you place such stories in the world? I am thankful for any ideas and help i can get for this little project.
  6. Besides every RQG book that came out so far, i got King of Sartar, the Sourcebook and the Guide to Glorantha. Its hard getting everything in my old head. But i fell in love with the world, and want to learn as much as i can, and give it to my players. I tend to read through stuff for days before eben considering bringing it to the table. Thanks for the tons of inspirations and explanations. I did read King of Sartar in parts, but i did not get, that there are still god things happen in the times after the Hero Wars. Heroquests are still kind of to esoteric for me without any hard rules. I get what they are, but my mind seems to need some "how" and "why" to fully embrace them. So, my Troll player could be confronted by Aldryami, dressed as Elf Kings and other beeings, acting like he is Argan Argar himself and just involve him in the retelling of some unknown myth i put together, and i could have a real effect. Does one have to actively paticipate, or can one be involved in a God-La... Heroquest without even fully noticing it?
  7. Jeff listed Argan Argar as a protector here in the forums. Not that i know what that actually means. And i still dont get, what a heroquest actually is. There is a forth age after the Hero Wars? I thought they mark the end of the world as it is now. Where does one get such information?
  8. Hm, the RQG Rulebook lists them as associated cults. So i had Argan Argar cultists be welcome in the earth temple at clearwine. We just started the campaign, and our Troll has not defined his homeland now. Maybe Shadow Plateau would be the right place so everything could fit together a bit more. I try to stick to the world as much as i can, as long as fun does not get hurt in any way. So far, i think i can explain things a lot better. I might have the dryad give my troll a special seed, that he should keep safe until some vision tells him where to plant it. Next adventure will be Smoking Ruins, maybe thats an interesting place for a troll to go to plant a seed he got from a dryad. Sounds like good potential for conflict to me.
  9. Thanks so far for the inspirations. Another question came up for me. Flamal was killed by Zorak Zoran, Ernalda was Flamals wife at that point, right? According to RQG she is allied with Argan Argar now. So, there is an Ernalda priestess in the group, she and the Argan Argar Troll are close friends, it is even reflected in both of their passions. Aldrya is the daughter of Flamal and Ernalda. And she, again, is allied with Argan Argar. Killing the powerful boar, that Ernalda created, and seemingly lost control over, should be a somewht big deal. This should count for something, i guess. I am wrong about that?
  10. Hello everyone, I am running the Dragon of Thunder Hills at the moment. One of my players is an Argan Argar Troll Warrior. He just defeated the giant boar almost single handed to win the trust of Tarndisi. Now i would love to give him the option to get some kind of token that represents that trust, that Tarndisi gives him. Something that make later Elf encounters more interesting and less violent. Is there something that comes to mind? Can Uz and Aldryami become friends?
  11. That sounds absolutely awesome! I need to find a way, to get him posessed by half a dozend mad animal spirits at once, that go absolutely nuts and transform him into... stuff. (Anyone heared of the Wolpertinger?)
  12. I start getting some Lands of Lore 2 ideas here. Some kind of chaos curse But it seems, there is no really good way to grant him the power to shift in different animals? Without corrupting his original character concept at least? Is it possible, to bind runespells into objects? Sorry for all that questions. I really fell in love with Glorantha. The only thing i regret is, that i did not get into it sooner. But some things are not easy to grasp. I want to preserve the worlds lore at my table, while also giving my players what they want. Not easy to do. The following Idea formed so far: The Character has an ancestor, with a legend about him. He changed into a great best, a bird, and a small rodent, while on an epic quest. The character tries to find out about that, He then is confronted by a strange beeing, that "grants" him a chaos curse of some sorts. It changes him into different creatures from time to time, without his control. A curse, his ancestor had to bear before him. He now has to find a way to control, or maybe get rid of the curse. Maybe by a heroquest? (however that might actually work...) Does that make sense in gloranthan therms?
  13. First, i do not really get the concept of a heroquest. The definitions are kind of vague to me. Then, Eurmal might do shapechange, but does it mix with the character? Would it fit? An Orlanth and Eurmal initiate Noble? Could he be an accepted ruler of a community?
  14. Greetings, I am fairly new to Runequest and Glorantha, and i love it. In my upcoming campaign, i got a player, that badly want to become a shapeshifter. His character is a sartarite Noble of Orlanth. He wants to stay exactly that. Is there a good way to give him the Change Shape rune spell, or maybe can there be an enchanted object that does so? In my head, i want to write an adventure for him, where he obtains the power to change shape into different animals. Maybe an ancestor had it before him, and he could gain it back? Any suggestions?
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