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  1. Sadness... You forgot to mention that you also bore Kallyr's body from the Twins back to Boldhome as part of her honor guard. Or that the previously mentioned Barbeestor Gorian led an insane charge against the Silver Shields and broke Pharandros' line. Or that the Lunar sorcerers threw the Creek out of its course and drowned the Orlmarthing chariots. Or that her insane maneuver and costly maneuver nonetheless left an opening in the Lunar line that allowed Leika's Colymar chariots to charge through and rout Pharandros and saved the life of another queen who was being decimated on the flank
  2. Can't find a RAW for non-lethal blows intended to bring about unconsciousness. So a guess: Aimed shots at the head (or abdomen) that pit the "damage done" versus the CON of the target? Fumbles actually damage the target? Or is there a RAW I can't find?
  3. Thank you everyone for the replies. I think I have a much better footing now.
  4. I intend for my players to experience first-hand the Battle of the Queens, but I need resources to flesh out the scenario for them. Clues appreciated.
  5. Yes, but I am talking about obvious editing issues in production, not wild geese chases for players. There are several references to marks on the scratches map that are not there. The GM's map itself has one notable error as well, based on what I can conclude from the text of the approaches (one approach does not go where the text says it goes). My solution was to make a note on the GMs map to myself ("the map is incorrect, text describes this as being ------> over here") and adding the missing scratches to the scratches map as best I could (the identifiable Air rune for the Orlan
  6. Specifically, the large structure in the Earth temple portion displayed in the south-west on the scratches map is actually in the south-east. This is a pretty big "mistake". I just decided that it is an over-representation of the beast man monolith that is actually in that area.
  7. While prepping for our next session, I think the "Scratches Map" of the Ruin is not only useless to the players, but also wildly incorrect, at least as I try to study it and line it up with the actual map (which is also incorrect as best I can figure - regarding location 11/the eastern approach versus the text) - it's "twisted" in the middle so that the southern half is flipped. It just feels completely indecipherable and nonsensical for the players. Also, where are all the adornments on the Scratches Map mentioned in the text? The red blotches indicating spirits? The scratch Air rune? I am ra
  8. OK, an update. We played through Act I, and I used dreams and omens from Orgorvale to nudge the players towards the call to adventure. Interestingly enough, it was the Odaylan who made the connection between Orgorvale and Korolstead (I was super-explicit with one dream, showing Orgorvale and Ulanin riding their horses from one "great city" across a river valley to "another great city" built by a man who looked "a lot like Orgorvale"). Sadly, the initiate of Orgorvale, who was getting the dreams, didn't make the connection... After a whole hell of a lot of table setting (meeting Tre
  9. Yeah, I am trying to prep the Smoking Ruin, and I find the adventure and writing very hard to "wrap my head around". First, there's the near complete absence of Thinala's story, though it should be well-known and oft-repeated by Treya. Yes, of course, as the GM, I should be able to spin something out, but it is just frustrating to read all the times Treya takes offense at some fact related by another NPC or flat-out gets the details wrong, and we are not presented with the details so we can fully-comprehend the backstory. The backstory, as it is, as well, is a confusing mish-mash. Trolls, Tusk
  10. Thank you, but may I pester you to refer to my salient question: how would you simulate this in game?
  11. Do passions fade? Can a passion become weaker? These are rhetorical questions (because, obviously they can), but how would you simulate this in game? How would you handle it mechanically? Do you feel it is entirely in the purview of role-playing, or could a player use downtime checks to decline a passion? How would you overcome "negative" passions? Would you handle declining Love (Family) the same as declining Fear (Trolls)?
  12. In describing a certain sleeping stone goddess in a recent game, I alluded to the walls of Greenstone temple. Then I had one of my players ask, innocently, "Is it what we would call jade?" Frankly, I was stumped for a moment. I didn't think so. In my mind, I had always imagined "greenstone" as some kind of limestone-like rock with webs of green in it (perhaps oxidized copper). I, however, know diddly about rocks (or have forgotten pretty much everything I learned in college-level geology). Could someone please elucidate?
  13. Let us suppose a player has Fear (Dragons) as a passion and the player is confronted by a dragon. The player wishes his character to attack the dragon. The Fear passion is relatively strong (75). Would you... 1. Ask the player to make a Fear (Dragons) test - and fail - to attack the dragon? 2. Would you have the player have an inner contest, pitting some Rune or Passion against his Fear (Dragons) passion to attack the dragon? 3. Would you have the player make a Fear (Dragons) test (and succeed) to inspire him to attack the dragon (inspiration bonus applied to some other ski
  14. Although I know the rules straight-forwardly state something along the lines of "spend a week, learn a spirit magic spell" in RQG, an old player asked me "Do we still summon and wrestle spirit magic from spell spirits?" (even if this is purely for color) So do we? Or has the concept of prying magic away from spell spirits been completely discarded?
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