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Hi everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying the Mythras Matters Podcast - if you haven't listened then please do check it out.
I am always looking for people to do reviews for the podcast, focusing on TDM products, so I thought I would reach out on here, to see if anyone would be willing. In the second episode (Tread carefully in the Mire) you can listen to a review if you are interested in what form this can take.
If you are interested in providing a review. Then here is some information which might be helpful.
a) You can record your review in your time using either .mp3 or .wav format.
b) This can be sent to me for feedback - don't worry, its not a dreadful process, just need to check that it meets the feel of the podcast.
c) Provide contact details so that these can be put in the show notes.
Just because you have submitted something does not mean it will be used (I have to say that to cover myself). If you are interested in getting involved or have any other questions, then please do get in touch.
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