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  1. The second video from my series about experience rolls in #Mythras - passions and new skills and spells! https://youtu.be/NSkm-Lidk30 The Design Mechanism
  2. Thanks everyone, really helpful
  3. I'm interested how you all GM combat Traits - do you say that these automatically work or put in some sort of opposed or difficulty grades - I was thinking of implementing some sort of Taunt for our noble warrior, like a challenge of a battle cry which distracts the enemy from what they are doing and focuses their attack on him. #verynoble - thoughts?
  4. You are all probably all well versed in experience rolls within the game, but I just wanted to share my latest video about them. I've tried to make them shorter, so the next ones will deal with new skills and improving characteristics. Feel free to share
  5. thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated
  6. Yes, it has arrived! Welcome to the new Mythras podcast - Mythras Matters! In this episode -'May your Mythras Matter' - an interview with one of the co-creators of Mythras, Lawrence (Loz) Whitaker, and a sneaky peek at what will be new from TDM in the month of May Hope you enjoy! https://www.buzzsprout.com/266482/1054877-1-1-may-your-mythras-matter
  7. Hi everyone, I recently purchased the Mythras Combat Cards from Aeon games. I was really impressed with them and the accompanying PDF so I made this review video https://youtu.be/eQiwO1BCMrc Hope you find it useful. inwils
  8. If anyone is interested in the play through of Agony Ecstasy then you can see the next episode here https://youtu.be/7R5ARBZ3czE
  9. Hi everyone, After asking for feedback on the actual play and rules videos, I've combined them somewhat to look at a specific example of the rules. This video is about opposed rolls, with examples from our actual play. Hope you enjoy, and please take the time to like, comment and subscribe - it helps me continue to make the video and get closer to my dream. inwils
  10. Hi everyone, I was hoping that you could spend a couple of minutes to give me your views about actual play videos. You might be aware, that we stream Mythras LIVE on a Saturday evening on Twitch, uploading these videos to Youtube for people to enjoy after the event. However, I have noticed that these are not viewed that much at all (8 views for the last one) and I was wondering what your opinion about these videos is. I really want to support the community as well as providing information for new players etc. The rules videos are doing much better than the actual play sessions. So, what do you think about actual play videos? Can you suggest a different format you would prefer? Is there something you would like to see? I'm not precious about them at all and I am happy to take criticism/feedback so your honest opinions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time in engaging with this post. inwils
  11. inwils

    Podcast Anyone

    Hi everyone, Someone commented on one of my YouTube Videos that they would like a podcast of the actual play. So, responding to my audience I have looked at a previous run series of actual plays to see if they would transfer to the podcast media. Would welcome your comments Listen to "Mythras: Ubbin Falls Episode 1.1" at https://www.buzzsprout.com/266482/996187-mythras-ubbin-falls-episode-1-1 Also, I am currently working on two other podcasts, so keep a look out for what is coming next inwils
  12. Hi everyone, As you have come to expect, after my actual play session I always have a few questions which we reflect on as a group and come to some agreement over these. So, I was wondering how you play the resistance to the Summon Spell. Gully, used it to summon all the swords from the bandits to his hands. They get a resist of evade to prevent them from being pulled from their hands. We have rationalised why evade over brawn but is it just a roll or is it actually 'evading'? So questions: Do you use evade to resist against the summon spell? Or do you use something else? If you do use Evade, if they are successful, has the resisting combatant actually 'evaded' and is now prone, or have they just managed to keep hold of their weapon. Looking forward to your answers :) inwils
  13. I'm continuing to make videos about the RPG game of Mythras. In this video, I tackle character generation (chargen). Sorry about the mistake - 2D6+6 Feel free to share with anyone who might find it helpful
  14. Hopefully all sorted If there is anything you would like to see, then do let me know. Have my rules series coming outs- chargen tomorrow.
  15. This week's Actual Play. I have technical problems, so it is more like selective highlights, narrated by me
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