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  1. This is the first of three videos delving into the spirit world of the Animist. In this video, I look at the concept of the animist, how they fit into your existing campaigns and which skills they need to invest in. Further videos will look at spirits, spirit combat and how the animists operate within adventures. https://youtu.be/-wmwHNcPfTk
  2. Well, why not listen to this months Mythras Matters podcast when I ask Lawrence Whitaker all about the forthcoming publication. http://www.buzzsprout.com/266482/2375825-1-9-hideous-trolls-and-fairy-magic
  3. Sorry, just had to share this with you all: The opponent fumbles their attack roll and Hengist (party's tank) decides to take advantage of that and rolls his parry for that special!
  4. I might be in the minority here, but we do use fatigue in combat. To make it easier it is whatever someone is doing, and this could mean just casting spells etc. I like it because it really puts the pressure on to finish combat as quickly as possible. So people tend to use specials to make opponents helpless and then compel surrender or force the defend etc. Also our Theist uses Vigor a lot and the sorcerer's go to spell is 'erit!' in order to tire the opponents. Can't see us changing this in the future.
  5. I thought that might be the case, I was just wondering how the skill system scales at higher levels. I wanted to avoid characters just putting points into Influence instead of a courtesy skill, because it will have more 'uses'. I know in some systems there is no default skill for certain advanced skills. I just wanted to really award the player who had invested in the skills, rather than letting someone who has a high influence skill make the roll over them. I think I will leave it to my players - that seem fair, Thanks for your replies
  6. I always think that if a player has invested points into a particular skill then there should be an opportunity to use it in the game. Often, with social skills, players use their natural role playing ability to cover these skills. I really do try to insist that they have the opportunity to use a skill so that even if they role play a wonderful influence conversation, they still need to roll the skill to see if there are successful. But I was wondering how people play professional skills. For example, as the title might suggest, courtesy? If the character does not have this skill - are they allowed to attempt to be courteous in a situation? Do these skills default to another with the difficulty increasing? I would really like to explore how other GMs play this. If you have a really great method then please do let me know
  7. Hi everyone, When creating and running my sessions, I like to put in rumours and information that the players can gather from people they know. On page 22 of the CRB there is some information about how to run contacts and even within the passion section it would be possible to have contacts which they are 'loyal' to. I was wondering: 1) how do you run contacts in your sessions? 2) Do you use passions for this so that players can develop them? 3) When they interact with their contacts, do you ask for rolls for the social interaction, e.g. influence skill rolls? Looking forward to hearing your replies inwils
  8. Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the Mythras Matters Podcast - if you haven't listened then please do check it out. I am always looking for people to do reviews for the podcast, focusing on TDM products, so I thought I would reach out on here, to see if anyone would be willing. In the second episode (Tread carefully in the Mire) you can listen to a review if you are interested in what form this can take. If you are interested in providing a review. Then here is some information which might be helpful. a) You can record your review in your time using either .mp3 or .wav format. b) This can be sent to me for feedback - don't worry, its not a dreadful process, just need to check that it meets the feel of the podcast. c) Provide contact details so that these can be put in the show notes. Just because you have submitted something does not mean it will be used (I have to say that to cover myself). If you are interested in getting involved or have any other questions, then please do get in touch. inwils
  9. Hi everyone, As the title tells you, episode 4 of the Mythras Matters podcast is now live. This month has an interview with the creators of Mythic Babylon and I talk about experience rolls. Enjoy! inwils http://www.buzzsprout.com/266482
  10. Something a bit different from the usual rules videos. In this video, I ask questions to the player Mr Pickles about how he plays his character Bartleby the Theist. Hope you enjoy Interview with a Theist https://youtu.be/NICPje1WuqI
  11. One of the things I like about the Mythras Ruleset is how there was not a huge list of magical items which players can find in chests and hordes of treasure. I run a human only campaign as well, I like the idea that simple factors such as lack of light really gets the players to think (love dynamic lighting on Roll20 too) I was wondering, how do you deal with magical items in your campaigns? I am not sure whether I want to start putting it into the campaign although I have seen some people do this successfully. Do people go down the 'better quality' idea? or the use of making some of the folk magic permanent - e.g. bladesharp? Looking forward to hearing how you incorporate magical items.
  12. Next, in the Mythras Rules series - let's delve into the divine magic of the theists! https://youtu.be/rgmod0OH-5o
  13. inwils


    I have an interview with the author on the next Mythras Matter Podcast - published 1st July 2019 Looking forward to having a chat about this
  14. I know Bill and Gryphea are in the discord chat so maybe ask them in there
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