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In this blog post, long-time Glorantha fan Andrew Logan Montgomery explains why "In the thirty-six years I have been writing scenarios and running game sessions, Glorantha is the setting I return to most."

He recounts (in no particular order) the core principles he comes back to time and time again to try and make Glorantha "Glorantha" for his players, regardless of game system used.



Glorantha is —A WORLD OF MYTH, NOT SCIENCE "It is not a fantasy setting that is world just like ours with a bit of magic added... the sun rises and sets because he was born, ascended to the throne of heaven, and then was killed and sent to the underworld."

In Glorantha —EVERY ACT IS A MAGICAL AND MYTHICAL ACT "Nearly all acts of change and creation are magical because they call upon the myths underlying existence."

In Glorantha —HISTORY REPEATS "History repeats for the same reason the seasons do; it all happened in the Gods Age."

In Glorantha there is —GRITTY REALISM, AND THAT MEANS UNCOMFORTABLE SHADES OF GRAY "Gloranthan PCs come from cultures, they belong to communities, they have families, careers, and even cults."


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