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[IC] Grand Kingdoms Campaign (Online)


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The Great Kingdoms Campaign



The goal of this campaign/setting is to remove ourselves from the script of Britain and play in a setting that is more chaotic and subject to the PK’s actions. While the ‘Great Kingdoms Campaign’ has a timeline similar to the GPC, but it places the actions of the PK’s in the forefront as chaos and power-struggles create an opportunity for PKs to rise to great power. My hope is that it will promote politicking, large scale battles where the results are not known as well as scripted series of adventures and events that put the character’s Kingdom in great danger and in need of grand heroics. Think a healthy mix of Game of Thrones and the GPC. You and your fellow knights are the last descendants of a fallen House in the One Kingdom. Your fathers were given a chance to reclaim their honor and raise up the House once again but now it falls to you. Character generation consists of the creation of a House history that can extend back hundred of years and leads to the House’s fall, the history of the Grandfather shared by all Player-Knights who struggled in the reign of the Restored Throne and the Fathers of the Player-Knights who were given the chance to restore glory to their fallen House’s name. Rules consist of primarily Charlemagne ruleset with changes to character generation (Lineages, Fostering, Squiring), magic/prayer, using the Book of Battle with changes to sieges, domain management and a few more.

TL;DR: Knightly campaign in homebrew setting that puts the PKs in the forefront instead of literary icons.

GAMEPLAY [Two Options]

>Play By Post through either Discord or Rpol.net

>Roll20 Online (Available every/other Sunday after 6pm CST for however long agreed on)

GAME START: 3-4wks required, need to populate other areas of Kingdom, clean up changes

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