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  1. SEEKING PLAYER(s) Calling on all Travelers, Tramps, Thieves and more… The Approach has been running for nearly two years now but we have lost one of our players. So I’m recruiting again. The game was started as a “Keep on the Borderlands” type West Marches campaign with a growing map and it has grown quite a bit. The setting is fairly typical fantasy with some minor changes to Races but nothing unfamiliar. The backstory continues to grow as do the lands itself. Due to player loss/gain rinse, repeat… the current players are both playing two or three characters. That option is
  2. Yeah it's not designed to be free. I didn't even know there was a free version. It's been absolutely worth it for me. YMMV.
  3. World Anvil for the win! They just added Family Trees! Woot!! The timelines are awesome the look is great. World Anvil has made prepping fun again. It also really helps with all those documents and photos and links that you accumulate during a campaign.
  4. Ugh... The Names. I spent countless hours matching all those bloody names and locations so you darn well better use them! And then there was a decision to go back to modern names which is a "hot topic" amongst some of us. But said discussions were rendered moot by executive (ie. Stafford) telling us to shut our yaps 😉 I will say that I originally and vehemently hated the old-style names because I wanted to be able to use the older, hand-drawn maps with Pendragon and figured other GMs would too. However, it was not long before I got totally sold on the older names. Now, I would rarel
  5. For those who struggle with the PALADIN timeline, Amazon just released a dramatized documentary series on the life of Charlemagne. The 1st episode was pretty good but I haven't gone further. Regardless, it's about ten episodes or so. Hopefully it will showcase some of the major campaigns and events of the period.
  6. Wow. Ordered it after the above post and got it today! This thing is beautiful. Thank you!!
  7. Reading the "Kings of Britain" is still one of my favorite things to do and it inspired all of my rediscovery of Pendragon RPG so I would definitely be approaching it from that "feel".
  8. The Great Kingdoms Campaign ELEVATOR PITCH The goal of this campaign/setting is to remove ourselves from the script of Britain and play in a setting that is more chaotic and subject to the PK’s actions. While the ‘Great Kingdoms Campaign’ has a timeline similar to the GPC, but it places the actions of the PK’s in the forefront as chaos and power-struggles create an opportunity for PKs to rise to great power. My hope is that it will promote politicking, large scale battles where the results are not known as well as scripted series of adventures and events that put the character
  9. I've had my eye on it for awhile. I can't tell if it's still active or not since posts are closed. But if it's on-going, I'll sign up. Most definitely. Roll20 has an awesome sheet that someone built and I've run several games on Roll20 (not KAP though). I have been finishing up a Paladin hack that needs a live test so I'll probably use Roll20 then. But it will be a couple weeks. Check in on the KAP Discord channel as just about every game advertised there is online.
  10. I missed this? Son of a... are there any copies left?
  11. That was the purpose of the reNaming project. The end goal was to publish a huge Atlas with updated maps. Every hundred laid out.
  12. First of all, don't put your foot in this... much griping and hair-pulling over this issue. Second, there is a Master Naming List (Excel sheet) but it would be up to Larkins to clear release. Here's the place name list from Book of Uther which should have my corrections from BoW. I would check it but... I spent a gazillion hours doing that once already 😉 ...And no, no one ever even thought about converting French names. That would have resulted in homicide. BoU_Placenames.pdf
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