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  1. There is a real dearth of modern/contemporary content out there right now. Hopefully that will change since gunfights in Mythras scream tactical fun. But I would take a look at the old CoC modern book-Delta Green for career ideas. Vampire Wars has a few. Luther Arkwright is the best bang for your buck but since its multi-genre it may be a bit bland. But it has all the rules you would need. Destined is amazing. It handles some rules differently since its geared towards superheros (less-lethal combat etc.). But it is all-inclusive and I consider it the greatest toolbox provided for Mythras. With the Powers mechanic and their 'slots' system, you can build anything for Mythras now. And its well laid-out, complete tables and coverage. Very good. On a personal note Raiders of R'lyeh is an incredible product that fuses BRP/Mythras pretty seamlessly. Its a hybrid of adventure-gaming/Cthulhu set in 1900-1910 era so not perfect for your purposes. But the careers in there could work for some modern stuff with a little tweaking. Its literally my favorite child right now. Worlds United is a decent book that has a good presentation of incorporating tech. I struggle with reading M-Space. There's good stuff in there but my eyes struggle to read it so probably a personal thing.
  2. Vikings is a great book. Agreed. Not sure about Core Mythras but I did mod the Elementalism book for Mythras Classic Fantasy and the Manipulation/Control tables appear to slot in fairly seamlessly.
  3. I'm running a Pendragon/Paladin game using the rules but in a homebrew world. A long time goal of mine and the pandemic made it happen. Its been great fun! Here's the link but we built the setting from scratch which has taken up far more time than I've been able to devote to write-ups. The Empty Throne Clicking on the SWORD COAST CHRONICLE is where the writeups are located but I'm about 3yrs behind (game years). The Sword Coast Timeline goes a bit further but is missing massive chunks. Just been too busy trying to keep ahead of the campaign to do write-ups! You can also check out Larkin's podcast where he aired the entire Great Pendragon Campaign. A decision that will haunt him forever as the lead editor on Pendragon šŸ˜† Esoteric Order of Roleplayers
  4. What is this madness and how do I possess it?!
  5. This could kinda cramp my style... Anyone know who runs it? It was working earlier today so may just be a blip but I'd like to beg for a local copy just in case.
  6. The Domesday Book was used to calculate incomes and status/rank of parcel owners. It was also used in conjunction with some of the old online maps that showed a good approximation of their location to map out the various hundreds and such. It was always an art more than a science.
  7. NECRO-World Anvil has become the be-all, end-all for these types of campaigns. Multiple timelines, hierarchy charting, interactive maps and awesome family lineage tracking. Here is the the campaign page for my Great You Campaign (homebrew world designed by the group during the early days of the pandemic). The Empty Throne
  8. SEEKING PLAYER(s) Calling on all Travelers, Tramps, Thieves and moreā€¦ The Approach has been running for nearly two years now but we have lost one of our players. So Iā€™m recruiting again. The game was started as a ā€œKeep on the Borderlandsā€ type West Marches campaign with a growing map and it has grown quite a bit. The setting is fairly typical fantasy with some minor changes to Races but nothing unfamiliar. The backstory continues to grow as do the lands itself. Due to player loss/gain rinse, repeatā€¦ the current players are both playing two or three characters. That option is open for anyone interested in joining unless one character is enough for start. THE APPROACHā€”Classic Fantasy [West March style] Day: Every other Sunday (next official game day March 21) Time: 6:30p (1830) CDT to 10:30p (2230) approx. Where: Roll20/Discord Game Informationā€”Classic Fantasy with some added elements, subtle changes to Races. Game Site: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/the-approach-kilgs Contact: @Kilgs on Discord On the edge of the Kingdom of Auredain, a group of Companions have pushed north into the lost and overrun lands of the Taking. Lands that were once home to the greatest of nations, the Over-Kingdom of Aendor, and its constituent sub-kingdoms. It was over a hundred years ago that the Takingā€”a great gathering of Foul Folk led by dread lords and entitiesā€”surged from every dark crevice on the continent of Aneloria. For decades these hordes pummeled the lands of Man into rubble and swept all before them until at last the Taking ended in a single dayā€¦ and for no reason known to those who survived it. The Over-Kingdom of Aendor and its people were devastated for, in their desperation, they brought about a great magical working to turn the land itself into a weapon. The upheaval and ruination of all of the Over-Kingdom sank cities, buried temples and ended forever the age. A century and more later, the refugee kingdom of Auredain stands at the border between Aendorā€™s ruins to the north and the lands to the south. Mankind, buttressed by their faith in the Divine Triune, has awoken to reclaim their birthright. What Has Gone Before After a half-year of sallying forth the northern Keep Dyramar, our Companions have had their fill of the danger-infested lands to the north. They have had brushes with Foul Folk, Elderwrath cultists, creatures horrible and even the restless dead from beyond. Most recently it was the Sallow Hills, a barren area of hill and rock, that tested them sorely and they have sought a change in atmosphere after winning a great victory against an Orc warband and their pet Ogre. In search of new vistas, they have moved west across the Auran River to look north and west. Though deep within them, they know that a return to the dark lands of the Hills and further will be neededā€¦ for now, they have sought out the western lands of Auredain; drawn by the stories of the Bone Hills. There, while Edlin trains alongside another dweomercrafter, the Companions have taken up an offer from the Mercatorā€™s Guild to seek out a missing trader in the Lornish Hills; where rumors of kobolds in the night have been growing. The Companions (near or at Rank/II) Brother Prospit (Cleric of the Triune) Grimbould the Brewer (Duergar Berserker) Edlin Thornsbane (Mage) and his long-suffering Cat, Maximus Alleas Skimhorn (ā€œTroubleshooterā€) Geller Erikson (Ranger) And the two young men hired for their backs but brought along their chattering mouths, Padraeg and Moon (NPC Hirelings). -We could use any type of characterā€¦ weā€™ve lost our Bard. Fighters, thieves, clerics, bards, cavaliers and mages are all welcome! Approach_invitation.pdf
  9. Yeah it's not designed to be free. I didn't even know there was a free version. It's been absolutely worth it for me. YMMV.
  10. World Anvil for the win! They just added Family Trees! Woot!! The timelines are awesome the look is great. World Anvil has made prepping fun again. It also really helps with all those documents and photos and links that you accumulate during a campaign.
  11. Ugh... The Names. I spent countless hours matching all those bloody names and locations so you darn well better use them! And then there was a decision to go back to modern names which is a "hot topic" amongst some of us. But said discussions were rendered moot by executive (ie. Stafford) telling us to shut our yaps šŸ˜‰ I will say that I originally and vehemently hated the old-style names because I wanted to be able to use the older, hand-drawn maps with Pendragon and figured other GMs would too. However, it was not long before I got totally sold on the older names. Now, I would rarely, if ever, use the modern names since the ā€œold namesā€ are so evocative. Everyone's Mileage Varies on the names and maps exist in both styles. However, I may be of some assistance but need to check with the Knight of the Lark. (Cleared by the Lark!) First, isn't the list in the back of Warlords and Estate? But it may be a limited list... FINDING HUNDRED BOUNDARIES 1-If you want to see Hundreds transposed over modern geography, here is how you can get a "Feel" for it. As mentioned, Stafford tweaked NON-STOP so consider these "guidelines". A) Go to Family Search Website See the tab on the left, click on "Layers" C) Select "County" & "Hundreds" D) See the drop-down that says "Click Map To Select" >Go to "Hundred" E) Now zoom in on the map where you want to go. These are the "guideline" Hundreds although Arthurian counties are different so you need to move them into their proper GPC county. Also, some names have changed. Note that these may change in future supplements but should be very close if not spot-on for Salisbury (Wiltshire). MODERN v. OLD NAMES 2-If you still need assistance, please PM me with a list of confusing locations and I can try to push you in the right direction. (NOTE: Not on here all that often so be patient but I will make a point to stick my head in for the next couple weeks... on Discord channel more often) 3-Also, the Discord channel is an excellent place to compare/contrast locations and names as well as inquiring from true sages about placing things/estates/manors that may be impacted by future GPC events if you haven't memorized the bloody thing. Which you shouldn't try to do.
  12. For those who struggle with the PALADIN timeline, Amazon just released a dramatized documentary series on the life of Charlemagne. The 1st episode was pretty good but I haven't gone further. Regardless, it's about ten episodes or so. Hopefully it will showcase some of the major campaigns and events of the period.
  13. Wow. Ordered it after the above post and got it today! This thing is beautiful. Thank you!!
  14. Reading the "Kings of Britain" is still one of my favorite things to do and it inspired all of my rediscovery of Pendragon RPG so I would definitely be approaching it from that "feel".
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