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Hero Lab Help?

Pale Horse

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So, I've used the HeroLab program to help run my Pathfinder games before, and finally decided to grab the data set for 7th Sea: 2nd Edition.

And if you're familiar with HeroLab and 7th Sea's relationship status, you already know it's “complicated.” It does not (and likely will never) have future support, nor do they really publicize who you can go to for help.

By the way, no, I am not making these data sets for distribution. (Unless Chaosium wants to buy'em!)

Luckily, even for terrible-at-programming-a-VCR folk, 7th Sea is not terribly complicated when it comes to mechanics and most stuff on HeroLab is fairly intuitive. I've added pretty much everything from the released books at a basic level (new Backgrounds, Advantages, Duelist Styles, Nations, etc.) in a user file.

And now I've come to the part where I have definite snags and not quite sure where to get the advice (so you may see this cross-posted across some forums). If you got some clues, lay them on me.


1. Background with specific Dueling Styles.

The original core rules did not contain Backgrounds that granted you a specific Duelist Style. However, the newer books do occasionally, such as the Jaragua Background: Enspekte in Pirate Nations. I know I can bootstrap Duelist Academy Advantage onto a Background easily, but if I directly bootsrap a Duelist Style it still leaves the Style you get to choose according the Advantage available, thus letting player buy a second Style.

How can I fix this?

2. Dueling Maneuvers

This one is probably easy to fix but tedious. While you get the Advantage mechanics and Style mechanics printed on your sheet and easily accessible, it does not give you quick summaries of the actual dueling maneuvers. Which, honestly, is critical during play.

I don't really know how to create new “thing,” though. It should be east to create the Maneuvers as something attached to the styles that would print and be readily available in the special tab.

This is even more important since Heroes & Villains brought out the Advantage: Student of Combat.

3. Sorcery

 have a configurable and an Advantage for each Sorcery dummied up. Honestly, this might not be too difficult as I can duplicate and rename down the line for most from previous Sorcery entries, and the help file's Sorcery advice is the only part I *think* I understand.

However, there is a big roadblock for the Crescent sorceries. Most of them have an either/or component split between Nation and Faith. “You can practice this Sorcery if you are either from this Nation or have this Faith” kind of thing. I'm not sure how to create such a conditional in the Advantage.

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