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Gatsby and the Great Race at Gary Con XII

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Hi all!  We're running a return performance of Gatsby and the Great Race at Gary Con XII, and unfortunately, a few of our regulars have other obligations, so we're down to 4 tables instead of our regular 5 - we'd love to run 5 for the demand, and we're looking to see if anybody might want to run a table for us.  We've run this event 8 times now, and it is an AMAZING experience for both Keeper and player - we've gotten a 7th Edition conversion put together and we provide all the game materials, we just need your awesome Keepering! I cannot say enough how much we've all enjoyed it, and I hope we can share this with you!!

Gatsby and the Great Race at Gary Con XII
Saturday, March 28th from 2 to 8 PM

We get together a few evenings (online) for a few weeks before the event to strategize and figure out our schticks for the table before the event.  We hope we can get more folks involved for this crazy fun multi-table event!  You won't regret it!!!

Thanks, all!

Keeper Cory

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