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I assume youre looking to GM? How are you thinking of doing this? Roll20, Fantasy Grounds or some such? Skype? Google Hangouts? 

My only HQ experience is a one off of ShadowRun I did using the HQ rules. Im not even sure I fully grokked it, but my players seemed to enjoy it. I am however somewhat versed in Glorantha, and have been gaming for many years, so depending on how you plan to proceed, I'd be interested.

Im EST so only an hour ahead of you, so time wont be a big factor. 

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I could GM, but I know very little Glorantha. I’ve only run HQ a few times each was a one shot with skeptical players. Part of it is the opposed rolls and part of it is players accustomed to other less narrative games. Part of the feedback I got was “it felt like cheating”. 

I’d use discord for voice and off-session chat/scheduling and possibly roll20 or anything that doesn’t require players to make a purchase for dice rolls. Even a discord dice bot is fine with me.

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