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    Also experimenting with a rules variant HeroQuest game, set in the Shadowrun universe.
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  1. godsmonkey

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    Still in development, but what I am considering is using keywords for things like occupation, culture and so on. Converting to a D20 instead of percentile, and using masteries to bump the success levels up. All combat will be an opposed test, High roll without going over wins. Critical on the actual score roll. Compare success levels to determine results (same success, +1, +2 , +3 and so on. both part fails or fumbles are fails or fumbles, not success) Hit location is determined by the losers die roll in the opposed test. So say party A wins with a roll of a 16, and the loser rolled a 13, the result would be a hit in the Right arm. The part I am still working out is applying damage. I have two systems I am thinking of: System A would reduce or raise the damage based on the difference in success. Same success level = 1 HP + Damage bonus, if any +1 level = 1/2 rolled damage + Damage Bonus. +2 levels = normal rolled damage + Damage Bonus. +3 = Double damage + Damage Bonus. +4 = Triple damage + Damage Bonus. ... and so on. A Natural critical hit bypasses armor. The second system is similar, but in stead of rolling damage, Take the maximum POSSIBLE damage of the weapon + Max damage bonus. For example, 9 points for a Broadsword, and for demonstration purposes, say +4 HP for damage, giving 13 points. This method is crunchier on the front end, so You'd want to work the numbers out in advance. Same level winner does 1/4 total damage (So for our broadsword wielding hero, 3 HP) +1 level = 1/2 total damage. (7 HP) +2 levels = Max total damage. (13 HP) +3 = Double total damage. (26 HP) +4 = Triple total damage. (39 HP) ... and so on. A Natural critical hit bypasses armor. In both cases, armor reduces damage. An additional, and maybe more logical option is to limit total damage in either, to double max, regardless of total success. The first option gives a wider swing of possible damages, but requires extra die rolls. The second method, determines, hit, hit location and damage with a single D20 roll. This can really simplify things, say in the case of a T-Rex who's bite does 1D10+12D6. So damage would be as follows: 20/41/82/164. Since a T-Rex is an animal it will never have a mastery level, so that would be the most damage it could ever obtain. It would also be near impossible for even a great hero to take down, but that's also true in normal RQ. However, a few levels of mastery, and some lucky rolls, the intrepid hero could whittle away at the T-Rex and kill it. However a single wrong move, and you're a light snack.
  2. godsmonkey

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    After playing it, I might try that next session. In retrospect, I might even try mixing simple opposed contests, with extended, depending on how important the bad guys are. Maybe even in the same contest. For example, "cannon fodder" might only take one RP to knock them out of the contest. Minions, 3, and the boss, the full race to 5. One thing that would do is bring the body count up for the opposition, better emulating the hack & slash almost comic book feel of Shadowrun. Actually, I based the game off of HeroQuest Glorantha, as that's the book I own. I also run a RQ:G game, and certainly see some house rules derived from HQ coming out of it. Most notably, masteries.
  3. godsmonkey

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    So it wound up that I had enough players to hold a game. Overall everyone was very impressed with the speed and simplicity of the game after of course the initial questions and trying to grasp the concept but once they did it seem that combat and skilled resolutions went pretty quickly. everyone liked it so much that what was supposed to be a one-off is now turning into at least a two off and after we do that we will probably create new characters from scratch and continue playing on a regular basis using the game system. A few notes: I used a slightly modified system giving penalties of -1 - 3- 6 & - 10 depending on the level of success. I ran everything as a series of opposed tests instead of regular extended contest. Non-player characters were defeated when they are either reached a -10 total penalty or received a major wound. This wound up working out pretty well as it did a good job of replicating damage from combat. I also used the standard RuneQuest hit point location to help with describing the damage and where for instance players or non players were hit with bullets. Instead of rolling an extra die I used the losers die roll to determine the hit location which kept things very streamlined. Combat seemed like it was actually fairly deadly in potential. The orc in the party wound up taking a couple of significant wounds so much so that the player retreated from the combat. The combat Mage at one point summoned his fire Elemental and used it as a shield to block line of sight so they could make a get away from a group that was trying to geek them. And the Decker attempted to drive the get away van, fumbling her roll, while the opposing mage fireballed the crap out of the van with a critical. Overall I felt like the game system mechanics actually encouraged creative thinking as opposed to the slog fests that D&D typically have. So to sum up I think that my suspicions of using HeroQuest to run a Shadowrun game was soundly confirmed and it should be fun to continue the game.
  4. godsmonkey

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    Supposed to play tomorrow, but half the group has cancelled. Fingers crossed.
  5. godsmonkey

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    I like this. In SR, elementals and spirits of all sorts can be summoned, but tally don't have a lot of skills. I initially thought of putting it in with the keyword, but it seemed to powerful. In fact, while keywords are great for creating chapters quickly with a presumed skill set, it seems too easy to abuse. I'm interested to see it play out.
  6. godsmonkey

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    I might try that. I know a couple of the players have played Shadowrun, and none HeroQuest. It might make it easier at first.
  7. godsmonkey

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    Interesting how each person has different takes on the character. The dirty cop idea is cool. But if I make it a dirty motorcycle cop, it gives him an implied motorcycle ability, and cover a lot of social skills like street cred contacts from his old career, and so on. Im really appreciating the help everyone. Its a VERY different style game than Im used to. I seem to be making things tougher than need be. So maybe since this is starting as a one off, I'll just give each character 2 keywords, one base skill and 12 points they can add as they see fit. Also, since cyberware on a character like a Street Samurai would be implied in the keyword, Im going to leave it blank, and if the player wants to use a break out, they can. Keyword Street Samurai 1M Keyword orc 17 Keyword ex motorcycle cop 13 flaw - was a dirty cop 6M Flaw - foul tempered 3M (free descriptor) flaw - ex partner nemesis (police) 2M So other possible Achetypes: Keyword: Decker 1M Keyword: Socialite with a double life 17 skill: Girl With a gun 13 Flaw: Narcissus 6m Flaw Daddy would cut me off if he found out 3m Keyword: Combat Mage 1m Keyword: Elf 17 Sidekick: Bob the fire elemental 13 Flaw: Pyromaniac 3m Do these sound about right? I have to admit, it takes a different mindset than Im used to. Thanks for all the help again.
  8. godsmonkey

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    Im going to try a few encounters this week before the first game to see if I prefer the extended contests, or the progressive modyfiers to emulate a hit point system. Reading the free kick start rules for Shadowrun 5e, I see lots of keywords in there that would make a good character concept. For example: Orc Street Samurai active skills (Numbers in brackets are the final dice pool, linked skill + attribute rating) Athletics skill group 2 [9], Automatics (Machine Pistols) 5 (+2) [10 (+2)], Blades 5 [10], First Aid 3 [6], Intimidation 3 [5], Longarms 2 [7], Pistols 4 [9], Survival 2 [5], Unarmed Combat 3 [8] gear & lifestyle Armor jacket [12] Commlink (Device Rating 3) Weapons Ceska Black Scorpion [Machine Pistol, Acc 5(7), DV 6P, AP —, 35(c), w/ integral folding stock, smartlink] Remington Roomsweeper [Heavy Pistol, Acc 4(6), DV 7P, AP –1, 8(m), w/smartlink] Ruger 100 [Rifles, Acc 7(9), DV 11P, AP –3, 8(m), w/ imaging scope, rigid stock with shock pad, smartlink] Sword [Blades, Reach 1, DV 10P, AP –2] Augmentations (Game effects of augmentations are pre-calculated into the character’s attributes) Cybereyes [Rating 3, w/ eye recording unit, image link, low-light vision, smartlink, thermographic vision, vision enhancement 3], dermal plating 1, reaction enhancers 2, wired reflexes 2 knowledge & language skills Afrikaans 3, English N, Horticulture 2, Law Enforcement Techniques 4, Motorcycles 3, Seattle Streets 4, Street Gangs 4, Weapons Manufacturers 4 qualities High Pain Tolerance 1 contacts Bartender, Black Market Gun Dealer, Pawnbroker So what I see is: Street Samurai 1w Master Blaster (guns) Those high school jocks were drek compared to me (Athletics) Yeah, I brought a knife to a gun fight (blades) Check out THESE guns (unarmed combat) You talking to ME? (intimidation) Home is where I lay my head (Survival) Street Ettiquette Ork 1W Breakouts Cybereyes with all the goodies wired and plated (cyberware) tough foul tempered High pain tolerance Other skills Law Enforcement Techniques Motorcycles Seattle Streets Street Gangs Other equipment would just be assumed to have as per the archetype So Ill use the pregens as a starting point, give skills more interesting names and run a few rounds.
  9. godsmonkey

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    There's some good ideas in here thanks. I do like the idea of using successive penalties to replicate the wear-and-tear of battle especially since this is a combat heavy game typically. I might try a little bit of both the extended contests and opposed contests. I think I have a little bit better handle on it just from the couple of bits of information that I received. And of course any other advice is welcome and I will let you all know how it goes I will be playing next week.
  10. I am a long time gamer, (Especially tons of RuneRuest, my all time favorite system) but am new to Heroquest, and narrative RPGs in general. My friends want play a one off Shadowrun adventure, (I will supply pre-gened characters) and I was thinking this would be a good rules system to simulate the high tech fantasy that makes up the 6th world experience. Help an old simulationist out: What sort of keywords should I use for the archetypes? How can I replicate some of the feel for the game, such as armor, and weapons damage? From reading the rules, it sounds like it can be run with the extended contest rules in most cases, but I must admit, its tough for this old simulationist to not use some sort of hit point system. Any thoughts, advice, or comments would be very helpful.