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7th Sea Card Game SWEET JENNY


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  • 4 years later...

A fun game - essentially the card deck the game uses is similar to the Minor Arcana of the Tarot - having four court cards.  Though, I would have called the 'suitor' card a John, or a Jimmy, or simply a Gent.  

I'll be playing it with four players and playing it with them for a few rounds.  I might suggest some extra 'house rules'.

Such as:

1) In the Haul phase, each player gets as many rounds as there are players, with the dealer getting the advantage by looking first and then last after everyone else had a go at it.  Thus getting to look at all the cards.

2) In the Drop phase, each player gets as many rounds as there are players - with no advantage to the dealer.

3) In both the Haul and Drop phases all players have a fourth option for actions:  Getting to shuffle the position of one of the cards that are in the middle.

What do you all think of those possible House rules?  I'll be play-testing them next week.


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