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Actual Play (sort of): the Annales Salisburgienses (479)

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Finished our first year, and for the amusement of my players I composed the following, and thought that I might as well inflict it on the forum-reading public here.

Anno CDLXXIX. Transiit Ambrosius rex cum exercitu in Frisiam et interfecta est de Saxonibus non minima multitudo.

Eodem anno Gerontius atque Germanus scutarii cum Pelinoro Cambrense ursum terribili magnitudine interfecerunt atque a Roderico comite ense et cingulo accincti sunt.

The Annales Salisburgienses is a curious text, which combines a record of events of general importance with a strange additional interest in the doings of two minor families.  Further, the Latin of the two sections is markedly different.  This suggests that the second strand of material, in light of its more literary character, comprises later interpolations into a text of earlier date.  But see Von Heissendorff (2015), who argues... 

(If anyone wants to use it for their campaign, the first bit is canon from the Book of Sires - only the second bit is particular to our campaign.)

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