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Actual Play (sort of): the Annales Salisburgienses (480)

Voord 99

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Anno CDLXXX.  Pascentius Vurtigernii filius in Cambriam perrexit cum Gillomanio Hiberniae rege et ibi contra Uterpendragon regis fratrem pugnam iniit.  In qua pugna Pascentius victus est atque obiit.  Interea, dum haec agerentur, Ambrosius rex per perfidiam medici cuiusdam veneno graviter infirmatus est.  Ambrosio rege aegrotante, Oisc rex Cantiae cum exercitu in Sarisburiam venit, et pugna magna facta est, in qua Ambrosius rex de hac luce migravit ad Dominum.   Sed tamen Saxones per Gorlois ducis Cornubiae fortitudinem victi sunt. Uterpendragon, de Cambria reversus, rex factus est.

Tunc primum Germanus atque Gerontius milites pugnaverunt in eodem proelio in quo Ambrosius rex beatae memoriae periit, et Deo adiuvante victores extiterunt.  Mirabiliter accidit ut Hoel miles gregarius infantem quendam Gerontio daret, nomine Dornar, cuius parentes qui essent nemo sciebat.


...the name by which this text has been known, at least since Meissner-Maurenbrecher’s edition, Annales Salisburgienses, is something of a misnomer.  The Annales are indeed much concerned with the doings of Salisbury and neighbouring parts of what is now Wiltshire, but, unsurprisingly, they consistently refer to Salisbury as Sarisburia.  The mischievous suggestion in O’Carroll (1954) 673 n.34 that Meissner-Maurenbrecher deliberately misnamed the Annales Salisburgienses as a tribute to his native Salzburg can be dismissed as an insult to a pioneering, if frequently careless, scholar...


If anyone wants to use this in their campaign, the first Latin section is canon from the Book of Uther, and only the second Latin section is particular to our campaign.  There is one thing: I make it clear that Paschent dies at Menevia, which the Book of Uther does not seem to do (although I may have missed it).  If you want to leave that out, remove atque obiit from the first section, following Pascentius victus est.

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