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Actual Play (sort of): the Annales Salisburgienses (486)

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Anno CDLXXXVI:  Hoc anno Uterpendragon rex apud Sarisburiam curiam Paschalem tenere decrevit.

Itaque Seriol dapifer Roderici comitis, quod Sadinal dapifer regis aegrotabat et ipse festum debitum ordinare debebat, Gerontium Godefridumque petiit salmonem quendam captare.  Quem cum retulissent, anulus aureus in eo mirabiliter repertus est ab Uther rege.   Sed in eodem  festo  in quo illud accidit, accidit quoque hoc mirabilius.  Ille ensis, quem Merlinus in paludibus Avallonis adeptus erat, ab eo Uther regi datus est; quo viso, omnes praesentes mirifice stupefacti sunt.  Postea Corneus dux de Lyndesey adeo commotus est aspectu illius ensis ut Uther regem Loegriae in regem Britanniae eligere vellet.  Nam antea, quamvis Uther dominus suus esset, id Corneus facere recusabat.

Cum Gerontius ad partes septentrionales Loegriae cum Uther rege iter fecisset, ad Falegantem regem missus est eum rogare num ille quoque Uther ad regale culmen electurus esset; quo cum advenisset, ei a Falegante corona aurea ostenta est, quam intactam Falegantis dixit indicio futuram esse quod Britannis non opus esset rege Britanniae.


In this year for the first time, one finds a combination of the two strands of material.  Elsewhere the interpolator does not seem to have often been excessively concerned about integrating the new additions into the earlier chronicle.  Reconstructing the original text of the first Annales is hardly possible for this year, although for a speculative attempt see…”


The above contains a version of the Great Sword Feast (one year early), and also a reference to the Duke of Lindsey agreeing to elect Uther High King afterwards.  But the PK’s main adventure was so attached to the feast that it wasn’t practical to separate out the GPC elements as their own introductory paragraph that could be used in other campaigns.  I’ll redo it when I get to the end of Uther’s reign.

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