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Actual Play (sort of): the Annales Salisburgienses (487)

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Anno CDLXXXVII:  Madocus princeps cum classe magna ab Uterpendragon rege circum Loegriam missus est, et naves hostium permultas incenderunt. Proelia autem cum Saxonibus terra marique commissa sunt, in quibus omnibus praeter ultimum Madocus victor exstitit, et in illo ultimo, quod  navale factum est in mari septentrionali, dubium est uter Britones an Saxones superassent.  Postea Madocus  princeps omnibus militibus, qui pro eo cum Saxonibus concertaverant, anulos aureos ad similitudinem draconis dedit.

In hac expeditione Gerontius miles gregarius Sarisburiensis cum Madoco principe cum hostibus digne suo honore conflixit, sed amicus suus Godefridus metu maris tam terribiliter affectus est ut Rodericum comitem rogaret sibi permittere manerium suum Cornubiense visitare.  Per hanc speciem Godefridus in terra mansit; sed frater suus Gilbertus cum Madoco navigavit et pugnavit sicut militi decebat.  Itaque Gerontius atque Gilbertus anulis a Madoco principe donati sunt.

Gerontius cum domum revenisset, equitationem in Cilcestriam cum Godefrido facere conatus est; nam pro certo  habebat quod id Roderico comiti placiturum esset, atque ensem suum, quem a Gorlois duce cepisset et quo a milite Cilcestrensi spoliatus esset, recuperare cupiebat.  Sed fortuna iniqua eos victoria privavit, et ambo a militibus Cilcestrensibus capti atque ad redemptiones positi sunt.

As usual, some of the medievalisms here will make classical Latin purists grumpy.  They will just have to deal.

If anyone wants to throw this at their players, most of the first paragraph (everything except the final sentence) is the canon Naval Raids from the GPC for 487 — although as usual from a somewhat slanted pro-Pendragon perspective (which here doesn’t make as big an impact as in some years, as Madoc genuinely does come off fairly well out of this in the GPC — I’m looking forward to writing the entries for Uther’s conflict with Gorlois).  (The other GPC 487 events were moved to other years in this campaign.)

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