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Actual Play (sort of): the Annales Salisburgienses (489)

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Anno CDLXXXIX:  Utherpendragon rex in Cornubiam cum exercitu perrexit, sed proelium non factum est; nam Gorlois dux Cornubiae regi se dedidit et de culpa sua paenituit.  Deinde Uterpendragon rex Loegriae Dei gratia rex Britannorum electus est.

Eodem anno Godefridus miles gregarius Sarisburiensis repperit quod soror sua Melei, quae septem ante annis refugisse visa esset, re vera clam abducta esset a militibus quibusdam Warwicensibus, qui consanguinei Einion mariti illius mulieris erant, quem Madocus princeps in monomachia interfecerat.  Quo reperto, Godefridus atque alii viri, inter quos non solum erat cognati sui sed etiam Gerontius, amicus suus, ad Warwicum iter fecerunt, ubi pugnam inierunt cum illis militibus qui illius abductionis infamia se maculaverant.  In qua pugna milites Warwicenses superati sunt, sed Godefridus gravissime vulneratus est; quae contritiones a Gerontio tanta scientia alligatae sunt ut non moreretur Godefridus sed Deo adiuvante viveret.  Interea Meleri inventa liberataque est.

As usual, the first paragraph is the canon “History of Logres” section (which this time is a very skewed version of the GPC events).  The final sentence (Deinde Uterpendragon rex Loegriae Dei gratia rex Britannorum electus est) is an addition, saying that Uther was elected High King.  Which as far as I can tell is not explicitly assigned to any year in the GPC, although I may have missed something.   In any case, I think it works well in 489, setting up his victory in 490 to be the peak of his reign, before he $%#^’s everything up.

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