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House-rules: Tiered Chivalric Knight and Pugnacious Knight

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(Since the topic came up in Discord, I figured I'd just cross-post here as well.)

Since Pugnacious Knight came up in the other channel, and I commented on Chivalric, here is a quick overview of our house-rule for Chivalric:
The Chivalric Traits are Energetic, Generous, Just, Merciful, Modest and Valorous, as before. However, there is also a Chivalric Passion: Honor, for a total of 7 things that make you Chivalric.
1st tier: If you have three of the above traits/passion at 16+, you gain +1 Armor of Honor.
2nd tier: At five or more at 16+, your Armor of Honor becomes +2.
3rd tier: At all seven at 16+, you are the pinnacle of Chivalry and your Armor of Honor reaches +3.
Note: If you have the trait at 4 or less (i.e. the opposite one is 16+), it counts as -1. Thus, a Pagan Knight with Proud 16 but others at 16+ would still be able to reach +2: 6-1 = 5. Honor 4 might already be cause for disqualification from being a knight.
The thing I very much like about this house-rule is that it makes a chivalric knight to act chivalric (since it requires traits/passion at 16+, as the Religious knight bonus does as well), which is also what Greg's adjusted 96 limit tends to do. However, by chopping it up in tiers, it gives the Players some benefit while they are struggling up to the top, rather than waiting until the very end. The earlier limit of 80 was way too low; everyone had it, it was achievable with traits as low as 13 each + Valorous 15, and it didn't require you to actually act according to the ideals.
To use a similar method for the Pugnacious Knight, I would build it like this: Dropping out Trusting, since it makes no sense to me in the rough dog-eat-dog world of Uther that it is supposed to reflect, and replace it with Arbitrary (might makes right) rather than leave Arbitrary as a wild card. Also, I want Arbitrary in there as a contrast to Chivalric. For the passion, I would add Homage (old Loyalty [lord]), since sticking to your lord is more important than the fiddly dictates of Honor.
Traits: Vengeful, Generous, Arbitrary, Proud, Reckless, and Valorous
Passion: Homage (old Loyalty [lord])
1st tier (three at 16+): +1 damage
2nd tier (five at 16+): +2 damage
3rd tier (all seven at 16+): +3 damage
Note that it would be possible, under this method, to have both Pugnacious Knight and Chivalric Knight statuses overlapping at tier 2, as long as you avoid Just/Arbitrary and Modest/Proud. I don't mind, since this would already represent a huge commitment to one's traits and those Vengeful 16+ and Reckless 16+ are probably going to lead to enough trouble already. Also, as soon as they commit to one or the other, the other one drops to 'mere' +1, but they still need to keep all those traits up. In short, it is a lot of work to get both of them above +1 each.

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