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Rising Moon Rescue: A 13th Age Glorantha one-shot actual play


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In a land far from Dragon Pass, Fronela, independent Lunar city states fight for survival against the threat of the Kingdom of War. The Lunar Empire has suddenly announced that a gift from the Emperor is being sent to their aid. One problem, the magical Moonboat carrying the gift never arrived. Now Lunar Heroes from the city state of Eastpoint are dispatched to find the crashed Moonboat and its prize before enemies seize it. They must find the Red Emperor's gift or die. A champion tier adventure for 13th Age Glorantha using materials from the forthcoming special issue of Esacalation! Red Moon and Warring Kingdoms.



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Evan Franke | Co-host of Exploring Glorantha (on YouTube for Iconic Production) | Author of the forthcoming fan publication Red Moon and Warring Kingdoms (in collaboration with Escalation! A 13th Age Fanzine)


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