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  1. We have managed to keep things going and are six episodes in. More are coming on a basically monthly basis! Here is the ever growing playlist:
  2. I did get a new microphone so hopefully if it was a tech issue that is resolved. It will premier for episode 5 in January!
  3. @jholen thank you very much! We appreciate your kind words! Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. Glorantha is a huge, and happily unending topic, so knowing what people want to see us discuss or offer suggestions about is enormously helpful. If you have friends and relations who might find it interesting, point them our way! And Episode 4 is up! Last Episode for 2020, but we're back in January 2021 for our first crack at discussing heroquesting! #WeAreAllUs
  4. Thanks very much StormKhan! I hope you enjoy the other segments. We drop the next episode this weekend, and then pick back up in January 2021. Feel free to leave any comments, observations or suggestions! We are just getting started, so hearing feedback is definitely helpful. And, if you do like the rest, please consider sharing! The more the merrier! #WeAreAllUS
  5. Hi Glorantha community! I and my friend J-M started a little video series about Glorantha, our favorite fantasy game world a few months ago and released through he and his friends little organization Iconic Production (https://iconicproduction.wordpress.com/). We just did our fourth episode (we record live on YouTube for Patreon patrons on a Saturday) and it will go live for public consumption this coming weekend. The episodes can be found on YouTube (playlist link added below). We hope to spread our love of Glorantha, which, if you are here reading this, you probably already have. We loo
  6. I come to this discussion late, but I greatly appreciate it. I have some plans for Fronela that relate to some fan-work I am doing for 13th Age Glorantha and Lunar Arrolia. I think the one thing I have not seen mentioned here is the "fact" that Zorak Zoran and Shargash really seem to be photo negatives of each other (even as one bullies Yelmalio and the other Elmal) and with Vorthan, we seem to see a mix of Zorak Zoran underworld and Shargash/Tolat red planet attributes. I have plans for Vorthan (to be made up out of whole cloth) but this discussion has been enlightening and I ver
  7. Like everyone, I would like to express my condolences to Greg's family and to his friends and coworkers over the years. I never had the chance to meet him in person, but it is clear that he left an overwhelmingly positive mark on all those who knew and loved him. We none of us are perfect, but it seems clear that Greg was kind, thoughtful, loving and decent. As a fan and someone who has been influenced by his work from childhood, I have to express my profound thanks to Greg, his family and friends for sharing so much. His thoughts, imagination, philosophy and wisdom have all come throu
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