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Some spoils rules

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Happened to be reading Robin Frame Colonial Ireland: 1169-1369, 2nd ed., Dublin 2012, pp. 92-3, and came across something that could be used in a game.  

Geoffrey de Geneville, as lord of Trim, had the following rules about spoils taken in combat.  These seem to apply to his household knights and other soldiers that Geoffrey maintains (“those who are maintained wholly at their lord’s expense”; “they who are at his costs.”)

  • if they capture horses or other animals, they get half and Geoffrey gets half
  • “..unless they overthrow anyone from his horse by the stroke of a lance; and if they overthrow anyone by stroke of lance, they shall have all the horses from which they have overthrown the riders.”
  • All prisoners are Geoffrey’s
  • If Geoffrey or his seneschal are present in person, “then they shall have nothing, unless the lord shall give it to them of his grace.”

The most promising detail here is the bit about getting more for unhorsing.  In the confusion of combat, people could be genuinely uncertain about that, and of course rivals and enemies might claim that it was not the case when it happened.  Or for that matter, one can imagine a Deceitful pair of knights agreeing to tell the lord that one of the two had unhorsed an opponent when they had not.

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