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Recruiting players for a Fantasy PBEM game of Midgard

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Hello everyone,

Being this is the "Outside the Hive" part of our form I thought I would try to recruit a few of you to play a Play By Email game of Midgard. Yes the old game of Midgard has been reborn yet again, and will be on the net again. The old code has been rewritten to allow it to run from Windows, and there are two owners Andy/Ali that will GM the game. They are recoding the game again in modern code but the game will still be in play as so many of us that played Midgard for so many years loved. I am looking for fresh new BLOOD, Free thinkers and folks willing to Think OutSide the Box, RolePlayers and Wargamers alike.

Now the reason why I am asking to recruit players is I created a new faction in the game called Seekers. You see the old owner ran Midgard for 21 turns (each turn runs once a month) and to bring a new faction into existance one needs to have at least 10+ players and 30+ clans, and they must play for 12 turns before coming live as a new faction. I did this in the old game and now that there is a new game, we are included within that new version of the game too. Yes we are in play as with game start turn #0, and are on both the Main continent of Midgard and the southern continent of Kalmar. Currently we are the largest gaming group in the game, but that is due to me and my recuritment efforts. The Seekers are a faction that are seekers of knowledge, diplomats, explores, investigators all for the betterment of the people. We are neutral to all factions, but stand for the people to help improve their lives.

Midgard is a fantasy PBEM game that plays once a month, with a player being allowed to play up to 3 clans. Each clan has a Leader, and 3 Followers, and start with 190 men to set up in units with different arms and with different unit orders and etc. A player may then select from joining/declaring for one faction only, and then they either have all of their 3 clans in that one faction, or they might keep a Independent clan status for a clan or two. Now the factions are loosely based off of dark ages/medieval type setting. All of these different factions via for power and control and fight amongst one another for contol over cities and fight battles (clan vs clan) but don't seem to ever get anywhere...fast. Most of the games factions are all based just up in the main game continent of Midgard, but I started a faction the Seekers that is based on both Midgard and Kalmar.

Now the difference in gaming areas, is that the southern continent of Kalmar is half the size of Midgard. Mostly the cities on Kalmar are Independent cities, BUT there is a Evil Nazi based faction called the Dakarian Empire down on Kalmar. This faction is repressive ,and attacks everyone. They slaughter any religion based anything, and bully everyone. When they attack a city, they slaghter all the defenders, and then brutalize the population. They add to city markets such items as Slaves, Opium, Chariots, Elephants, Camals, Spices, and Gems. They have a Middle East / Arab flavor culture, but act like the Nazi's.

We Seekers are the ONLY faction and the first faction to stand up to them and say NO MORE! We are looking for players willing to build a better tomorrow and defend those that can't defend themselves. It will be a uphill fight, but one that will mean something. The difference between playing on Midgard and Kalmar, is up in Midgard your playing backstabbing one another and nothing seems to matter because no one ever gets anywhere. Down in Kalmar your fighting a WAR! Good vs Evil! Stop the repression by the NPC GM only run Dakarian Empire, save cities, liberate cities, and fight for freedom of the people. Now we Seekers are neutral to all, BUT we stand for the betterment of the people and killing, slaughter, slavery, and repression of the people is not something we can stand for.

What I am looking for is players willing to play clans that want to do all sorts of things from exploring, building cities, to dig into mysteries, and yes fight. At the core of if Midgard is a clan based Military game where clans are set up in units with different combat settings and units armed with different weapons/armors and with defferent orders. The goal is to fight, with your settings against other clans (both PC and NPC). Clan vs clan, where it is your planning vs others to fight to win the battle. We Seekers as everyone else in the game are all smaller clans, thus the largest clan in the game is my own at slightly over 500+ men. I am the Seeker #1, founder of the Seeker cause and willing to fight and die for the cause. New clans start off with 190 men and it takes time to build up ones clans. When one looks at the average clan at being slightly under 300 men, and then when fighting the Dakarians we can't stand toe to toe with their one Seige Army of 6000 men, but get 8-10 Seeker clans together then we can break a seige. We can attack their patrols and attack their outposts. The Seekers are both Land and Naval based faction as well so you can also have naval based clans and attack them on the high seas as well.

Thus I am looking to recuit some real wargamers and roleplayers (you can always roleplay if you want to as well too) and willing to Think OutSide the box and play for a greater cause with a group of players and join the fun. It is us against the GMs, and other players too. Oh we also have player's clans up in Midgard as well and you can join that Rats Nest of Cloaks and Daggers too, we have lots to offer you there as well too.

So if anyone is interested please contact me either PM me here or

email me at pennshome723 @ yahoo.com or

I also use yahoo messenger and my id is penneshome723



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Also note that we currently have 10+ players to begine game start turn #0 that has not yet begun to play. I am looking to add more players to the mix, the more the better for all. Roleplayers and Wargammers alike!

Just email me and I can provide you with all sorts of information.


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Don't tell me there are NO Play By Email gamers on this board at all...your all old timers like me...and I have to guess more than a few of you had to have heard of Midgard PBM game over the years...it has been in play under many different companies ever since 1984.


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I played Midgard briefly many years ago. I don't remember why I stopped, perhaps because I'm more roleplayer than wargamer but it seemed like pretty decent game.

Not really looking for a PBM I actually have to pay for these days ;-)

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Midgard is a great game and most likely you played durring the Midgard USA days that the GM Zan Erskine ran for 7.5 years time. There have been games also running in Midgard UK and Midgard OZ as well too for many years as well. Most of them ran at the same time, but one version or another ran here in the US since 1984.

Now the last version of the game running was Midgard UK, but it was very heavy on the roleplaying side, and the new owners that have not yet restrated the game but are close are going to continue the former owners plot lines.

So there is alot more "plots" going on now than before in the game. We Seeker players are a Roleplaying faction, and new to the game with a focus on roleplaying and digging into mysteries and plots in the game. There are also new NPC factions like the Dakarians that are fasioned after the Nazi's, and is a faction one can truely hate alot. Players vs GM, and other player vs player situations, plus plenty to dig into.

Always looking for a few more players to join the ranks of the Seekers.


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For me the game is nice because one can "plan" and "plot" with others and having a month to do all of it between turns allows for one to do alot with others. Plus there is alot of mailer traffic and etc ... always there to fill the time too. You can roleplay, or dig into mysteries, or fight. It is all up to what you want to get involved with.

Some of the things we Seekers have tackled, a 30 ft Fire Salamander...that 1/3rd of it is head with dagger sharp teeth. Covered in scales that our metal spears and arrow heads harmlessly bounce off of. It's bite is deadly poison, and kill quickly. Can carry off a single retainer in it's mouth, as if it is a dog taking it's prize bone back to it's lair in the ground. Now think about trying to figure out how to capture or kill that thing. How about if it is a mated pair, with a nest of young?

Or what about dealing with a Pirate by the name of Red Muligan that is attacking a region around a city, and trying to bully the people into following him. Trying to chase him down at sea or catching his men ashore. Hunting that character down that no one seems to know whom he is or what he looks like, but seems to have men or allias everywhere.

Or trying to find a Tower that has no doorway and a strange light that shines from the top windows and can only be seen on clear full moon light nights. The actually location is not know, but the region it is in seems to be. It is said that a hermit that lives there knows some special ancient abilities that are rare and very worthy to be taught.

Or find a sea cave in a rock face that is only visible durring low tide, and is said that is a secret place where Pirates store their treasure and loot. The only problem the sea caves entrance is only visible for a few short hours, and there apears to be a great deep cave system inside the cave to explore before the rising water.

Or finding a mound in the middle of no where, where there is a fire pit just outside the entrance into the mound. One can see that the pit has been used reciently, and that there are foot prints leading into and out of the mound. What might one find?

Or crossing the great plains and finding a great large area of grasses burned, and Searching the region one finds a depression within the center of the burned area, Located in the center is a large mass of shinny rock that looks like a kinda of metal, unlike any you have ever seen before. Very hard but extremely light. What might one be able to do with that metal, maybe have crafted a set of armor and weapons? What or how might they be different?

It is these types of things that we have all dug into and the new game owners are continuing with...

Or you can fight Bandits, Pirates, or Dakarian troops too. You have to set up your clan in units and etc. At this point most clans are only about 200-300 men, but mine is almost 500 men. Planning a combat can always be fun, and doing things like a ambush or etc is fun as well too. The sky is the limit.

It all depends on what you define as fun.


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