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Battle Record


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I created this for use in my home campaign, and am posting it here in case it's useful to others.

Pendragon Battle Record.docx

It's a battle record sheet for use with the battle rules given at the back of the 5.2 rulebook.

Sheet 1: Each round, record the round number, the 3d6 battle modifier, the enemy number (from whatever table you're using) and their name. (If the unit is disengaged, just note that instead.) There are also checkboxes to show if the enemy is mounted or has a great spear which will deny the mounted bonus, and a space to note any prisoners the PKs have captured with the Unit Commander's Battle Roll at the end of each round.

Sheet 2: Name of the PKs, plus checkboxes to see if they've broken their lance, are afoot and/or alone, or disheartened through a failed Passion roll. There are also spaces to record the number of times each PK rolled a Critical, Success, Failure, or was Disengaged for Glory purposes at the end. The number of NPKs in the unit and their fate can also be recorded at the bottom. I generally give this page to one of my players to track.

I've found this to be a real help running battles.


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