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Shipping schedules for the holiday season Dec 2021 - Jan 2022


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On behalf of the whole Chaosium team, thank you for your support throughout a challenging 2021. 

We appreciate people buying direct. It has helped the company in these trying times.

Despite the ongoing and unprecedented disruptions to supply chains, shipping movements and postal services world-wide, our fulfilment warehouses have done an excellent job getting our products to you! But they'll all be taking some well-deserved time off in the holiday season – here are their shipping schedules over the Christmas - New Year period.

Also shown is the last day for Chaosium.com orders to arrive by Christmas, but please be aware that postal delivery speeds are not guaranteed; there is always risk of delays, so early ordering is better!

  • AUSTRALIA (Aetherworks): closed 17 Dec - 4 Jan. Last day for Christmas deliveries Dec.
  • CANADA (D6): TBA
  • MAINLAND EUROPE (Black Monk, Poland): closed 24 Dec - 2 Jan, and 6 Jan. Last day for Christmas deliveries 10 Dec.
  • UK (Kixto): closed 24 - 28 Dec, and 3 Jan. Last day for Christmas deliveries (UK) 19 Dec.
  • USA (Bang, MN): closed 24 - 25 Dec, and 3 Jan. Last day for Christmas deliveries (US Mainland) 7 Dec.
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