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Question about Procedures for Summoning/Binding POW & INT spirits BRP Basic Magic?


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OK wise ones of Lankhor Mhy, ;) I'm trying to figure out just exactly how the summoning & binding rules work in BRP Basic Magic?

The steps for summoning (say) a Power Spirit to bind into your handy enchanted Power spirit binding matrix seem to be as follows:

1] make your summon spirit & summoning ritual roll, and the POW spirit arrives, stunned until the DM rolls its POW under D100,

2] engage the POW spirit in spirit combat until you've reduced its POW to zero,

3] the next round cast Control Spirit spell vs. the POW spirit's zero power, and then...

4] Order the POW spirit into the enchanted matrix?? and you're done?!

So...can you start attacking the (stunned) POW spirit the round after it arrives-getting the jump on it, so to speak? Or do you have to wait until it can participate in the spirit combat?

Also, what happens to all those Power & Intellect spirit binding matrices if your PC is (gasp!) killed? Are the spirits freed (a la RQ2), or can your slayer just pick them up as extra booty? And...what happens to all those spells stored into the intellect spirit's mind-does the new owner get free access to them? What a bonanza!

Just trying to figure all this out before my (future) PCs start asking the tough questions; thanks for any help!

Tom, a (future) BRP GM :)

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The description of the control spell is a bit unclear, because usually corporeal beings (ie the PC) cannot initiate spirit combat.

If the GM allows it, then the PC can engage the stunned spirit and when the PC has 10 more mana points than the spirit he can cast the spell and order the spirit into

the matrix.

The 10 points come from the spirit combat rule, once a combattant has at least 10 more mana points than the other he has won.

If the GM does not allow a corporeal being to engage spirit combat, then a shaman is needed to use the control spell.

There are less problems with the Command <species> spell or with the Dominate <species> spell.

If the PC dies, the spirits are still prisonners of the enchantment.

If no condition has been put on the enchantment, the yes the slayer has a fine booty.

In the ritual magic chapter, there are explanation about enchanting conditions


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