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RollVsEvil launches charity effort for Ukraine: Letting Players Better the World by Playing Games


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Our friends Chris and Rita Birch, co-founders of Modiphius, have launched a not-for-profit called RollVsEvil which aims to bring the tabletop gaming community together to fight real world evils. 

RollVsEvil’s first campaign is in support of people suffering from the invasion of Ukraine: this Saturday, play a game, donate, fight real evil! RollVsEvil is supporting frontline groups working to help the people of Ukraine, medical aid, evacuation of the vulnerable, places to stay, and combating the human trafficking at the border.

The first event aims to keep it simple, asking interested gamers to “‘Just play a game” online or in-person on Saturday, March 26, and donate to the RollVsEvil fundraising page

As part of this, Roll20 is also launching a special free bundle to get you playing and supporting RollVsEvil. This features content from Chaosium and many other TTRPG publishers: you'll find our Roll20 version The Dead Boarder there, an ideal adventure to give a taste of Call of Cthulhu's core motifs of mystery, investigation, and horror, and suitable for beginning and experienced players and Keepers alike. For more details and get the download link, check out: www.rollvsevil.com


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