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Do You Re-Pay Initial Vineyard Investment?

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Hey guys! Fairly simple rules question here. Vineyards are an Investment, listed on p. 93 of Book of the Estate. It costs £12 to construct one, then costs £1/year for three years for the vine to grow to maturity, then you start making £3/year in profit. However, the vines have a 5% chance of dying each year. If they do, do you have to re-do the £12 upfront investment, or do you just restart the three year growing period?

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25 minutes ago, mj6373 said:

do you have to re-do the £12 upfront investment

Yes. The investment is destroyed. Now if the GM is feeling generous, he can say that the land is cleared and prepared so it is just 50% (£6) if you replant the (new) vines.

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