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"Doors to Darkness" - its title

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Why did no editor catch this title and suggest "Doorways to Darkness" instead?

It is probably just me, but "doors" sounds and reads poorly. I know that this is a very petty case of unhomophonous-phobia, but I suspect it is also incorrect: the investigators (and entities) do not pass through doors—they pass through doorways.*

* (I assume. I have not yet bought or read the volume. Apologies if the scenarios are populated by phase shifters.)

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There are doors, and these doors lead to darkness – if you open them and go through the now open doorway. You can have a doorway without a door, so doorway doesn't necessarily imply that there's a door behind which something dark is hidden, which is what the title conveys to me if I think about it too much. I don't think there's anything wrong with the use of doors in this title. Equally, I doubt most native English speakers would bat an eyelid if 'Doorways' had been used instead.

I'd not considered Gateways to Terror as a sequel. If it is, I am disappointed that they didn't go with the pleasantly alliterative Trapdoors to Terror. Perhaps in that light I should give up hope of ever getting my scenario Anxiety Attic published in Loft-ladders to Lunacy, an anthology of gable roof based investigations. As for Portholes on Panic: Chronicles of Cursed Cruises, that's surely just a distant dream. 


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