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  1. My experience, also, was similar. Enjoyed rolling up characters, looking at the ship plans, reading about the Spinward Marches, but there was little guidance in the original LBBs, much like the original D&D books. Even the scenarios back then were little more than frameworks, and we never got around to role-playing in the Traveller universe. But we played the board games aplenty – Imperium, Azhanti High Lightning, 5th Frontier War and Mayday. After a few decades out of gaming, and thus missing the plethora of Traveller material produced in that time, I now find myself running a Mongoo
  2. I remember being astounded by Trollpak back in the day, and for my money it’s the greatest RPG supplement ever released. It really showed what was possible, and no doubt raised the bar for RPG material. I may be biased by nostalgia, but I genuinely think that if it was released today it would sweep the floor with prizes. <wanders to shelf, opens box and inhales that wonderful, well aged 80s aroma><sigh>
  3. @Rick Meints I have just (16/7/2020) picked up my copy of Dead Light, ordered in by FLGS. It has duff images, like the examples that have been posted in this thread. I will be asking the store to get a replacement. It has "Printed in the USA" on it if that's any help. I am in the UK and I believe main distributor the shop buys from is Asmodee, but that may not be the case for Chaosium products. Hopefully it's a copy that's been hanging about in a warehouse for a few months and has slipped through the net and not another duff print run.
  4. The problem with big campaigns is getting them played. I suspect that they just sit on the shelves of most buyers, or get started with good intentions but peter out and ultimately get abandoned. I’d like to see something that I don’t think we’ve seen before: a scenario book where the individual scenarios work as stand-alone or can be strung together into a campaign with a provided framework. Not just a bunch of scenarios that the Keeper has to tenuously link into a campaign, but explicitly having an over-arching theme and progression. Also, created in such a way that it would be possible to dr
  5. The whole wording is clumsy. If you are less than a mile you are also within all of the above. That’s an awful lot of cumulative San loss. Of course, we get that that’s not what is meant, but perhaps it would be better to say: At 3 to 5 miles At 1 to 3 miles Within 1 mile
  6. Many thanks, @davewire. Looks like it's worth grabbing then.
  7. Interesting timing for me, this release, as this week I prepped Crack’d and Crook’d from my copy of 2e to play tomorrow. To those who’ve seen the new version, is there anything that makes it worth grabbing now, like new handouts, a map of the manse grounds, additional/tidied up scenes, etc.? I’ve no doubt I’ll buy this volume, but I prefer to get it from my FLGS (with Bits & Mortar pdf) especially now times are tight, but I can’t do that until the physical copy is released. I’ll forgo that if it’s the update’s worth it. TIA
  8. It turns out that now I’m playing online I’m actually getting more games in. Still using FaceTime with my usual FTF gang, but now we’re playing once a week rather once a fortnight, a direct result of people being stuck at home and being able to find the time to game. I joined a club at the start of the year and have just started running a Traveller campaign for them, so that’s another weekly session. Only shame I is I joined the club to play rather than remain the eternal GM, but it’s all gaming at the end of the day. It was my first use of Discord last night, using video with it, and I have t
  9. Sorry to quash your optimism. It’s an interesting site, but alas known and reported numbers are pretty much meaningless. We don’t have the testing to come up with anything useful, and the variable way the virus expresses in people means we can’t even self report if we’ve had it. E.g. I had a slightly throaty discomfort on Sunday with mildly swollen tonsils, but no temperature. Much improved Monday but not 100% until Wednesday. Did I have it, or some other bug? Who knows? Best result is I did and am now immune, but without an anti-body test there’s no way of knowing. The one thing we have that
  10. I’ve been lucky enough not to need online play until the current situation forced my hand, so I’m just working it out and I agree with your sentiment – KISS seems the way to go. We have had success using FaceTime for video chat and Messages for sharing handouts, along with the occasional DropBox download link for chunkier docs like character sheets. Of course, you all need to be Apple users for this to work, but no desktop computer is needed, for the players at least – mine are just using iPads and iPhones. I think I’d find it a pain having to run from only my iPad, sending docs from my Mac m
  11. Here’s one I liked and found useful… Never Unprepared: The Complete Gamemaster’s Guide to Session Prep by Phil Vecchione. For a change it’s not D&D focused, much more generic. Offers good advice and a structure for your prep that’s efficient. As someone who has a tendency to over prep, I found it very helpful
  12. RPG club is now not meeting, hand forced by the closing of the club where we meet. I expected it to be cancelled anyway, and I’d already decided not to go. Also, my group’s meet tonight cancelled, Dr’s orders to one of the players to not mix, and as we’re already one down no point in carrying on.
  13. Yes, Ive knocked things on the head for now. I game/socialise four evenings a week with different groups, so the risk of me picking it up and becoming a carrier is high. I'm not worried for myself, but my contact with vulnerable people makes me choose to err on the side of prudence. Still having a session this week though, which we run fortnightly; whether it continues will depend on what happens in the next two weeks.
  14. Thanks for the heads up on this. If there's a problem with the print run I will hold off ordering for now, if other copies are OK, I'll take my chance. Given the usual quality of Chaosium products I'd guess this is an aberration, an unfortunately ironic one given one of the selling points for this version is new artwork.
  15. Yes – not to be rude as you do ask –it seems you are. Ask yourself what 5 - 5 is. Then 5 - 10. Now 5 - (2 x 5) and 5 - (3 x 5). Hint, the last two answers aren’t -4 and -9. You are counting each number as a hit point. It’s the gaps between the numbers you should be counting. I.e., HP 1 is the range from 0.01* to 1, 2 is 2.01 to 2. * let’s not be pedants here, this is an example value.
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