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  1. How about Doug Jones. Plays Cmdr Saru in Star Trek: Discovery (which doesn’t help much, admittedly). He has the build and the slim face, but not sure his face is quite right.
  2. Exactly. When I asked the cheeky question I was not aware of what was going to be in it. I repeat, Mike offered reasons why I might want to purchase it that revealed more about it's content. Really? I've not got the scenarios, weren't they for Keepers running demo con games? I'm likely to buy the hard volume when it gets into my FLGS. I have in the past bought books that contain scenarios I already have: the Sandy Petersen collection for example. In that case getting three new scenarios made it still good value. Purchases are value judgements – "Is it worth it for me?" – one new scenario when I have plenty of others yet to run, I'm not sure it holds enough value for me. Me not buying it will hardly ruin my life, nor will it send Chaosium into receivership. I find it ironic I'm getting bashed here in a thread where (it would seem) people's complaints have got a book cover changed. For the worse IMHO – I think we now have something tropey and derivative instead of something vibrant and modern – but I don't judge books by their cover, so ultimately I'm not that bothered.
  3. C’mon @klecser, that is ridiculous hyperbole. All I did was state that I’d be paying for something I already have. Mike’s reply made some good points about why I might want to do that. It’s still a disincentive for me though, as I own and have run Deadlight and have made my own tweaks to it. Chaosium is a company I am fond of and want to do well, and they’re doing a good job of that right now. That doesn’t mean I have to like, support or buy into everything they do, and that’s fine because we all have different tastes.
  4. Hang on. So if I've already bought Dead Light I'm going to have to pay for it again to get the new scenario?
  5. There's nothing specified in the rule book, but with attribute rolls having a max of 18 an attribute shouldn't be higher than 90. It is suggested that SIZ and INT have a min of 40. Skills can also be spent on at will, but I like my players to bear in mind this rough scale: So if a player wast to be 21 years old and have, say, 95% in chemistry, common sense says it ain't happening. Match the skill to the realistic experience of the character.
  6. Assuming the investigator isn’t a psychopath, shooting another person in the head in such a manner is not something that comes easily to people. Imminent threat to ones own life might change that. I managed a similar scene by not letting the investigator shoot until they failed a sanity check,as they couldn’t do it in their right mind. This took them a couple of rounds and resulted in some loss of sanity. I also made the death of the target automatic. The player was a little disgruntled at the time, but we discussed it and he agreed it made sense, and it certainly added drama to the scene.
  7. Sorry dude, can't let you get away with that. There's plenty of games available on the Mac app store (Categories: Games). Still far from the number of games available for Windows PCs, though, but developers tend to overlook the MacOS market and Apple struggle to get them interested. But TBF, if I was serious about playing games on my iMac, I'd use a VM and install Windows to run them on.
  8. The Duck Bandit Gang sounds awkward to my ear. Yozarians Gang doesn’t convey the essence of duck, but the cover pic does. How about Dastardly Ducks? Yozarian’s Gang is my favourite though.
  9. I think our merry band of ‘beakniks’ should be lead by Quack Kerouac. Their shtick is to regale friendly hosts with poetic tales of their exploits and the spiritual teachings they glean from them. These teachings are often troublesome to the local priesthoods, leading to the souring of their welcome, but moving on is what they are driven to do anyway. And so they happily proceed, ever onwards to the legendary endsville. The lack of agenda, along with following a path by gut instinct, gives great opportunity for an episodic campaign, one where the beakniks are led to the next encounter as is the GM’s whim. Yet it will be an encounter coloured by the developing story, if not driven by it. There is a purpose to their journey, even if they are not aware of what it is, and as it is a migration, a time limit too. If they tarry too long they will develop an overwhelming sense of urgency that may turn destructive – whether through driving themselves too hard or violently removing any perceived obstacles in their way. Quack May become involved with Eillen Ginsbill* at some point on the journey. (* Not the best play on the Allen Ginsberg, I admit. I’m open to improvements.)
  10. We appear to have overlooked one reason we see ducks travelling in our world — migration. The gang of ducks has been overcome by an urge to travel somewhere warmer for no better reason than it’s just what they do at this time of year. They don’t plan a route, they just set off trusting that their gut Instinct will lead them to the right destination, never questioning the path it leads them on, prepared to face all the hardships and joys they may encounter on the way. And of course, they always travel in a wedge formation.
  11. Looks like ‘Lousy rat’ to me. I agree that handout is not the easiest read, though as handwriting fonts go it works well. Thanks for the transcript. I usually rewrite such things and print them out on suitable note paper, so that’ll save me some typing.
  12. It looks like only the Pendragon and CoC scenario have been made available so far. Go the Chaosium blog page: it looks like they’re making an entry for each scenario as it’s released. I’m sure the others will be along soon.
  13. One not to be confused with the dog’s dinner, the dog’s life, nor it’s antonym, the dog’s bollocks.
  14. Fair enough. Thanks for the reply. That’s a shame, but I understand your reasoning.
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