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  1. Brilliant! A game of cherry picking. I know the rules. Please sir, can I join in? These hopelessly uncreepy 7th ed covers. OMG, what were they thinking? Cos things were so much more horrid back in the good old days, never cartoony at all. And the old Terror Australis cover was soo much more cree… oh, oh dear
  2. Now that’s a duck mini I could get behind. I saw some on a current KickStarter that are too medieval for my tastes, so don’t really fit Glorantha. That said, I’d to see a duck’s webbed feet on a mini, or at least see them in flared boots reflecting the shape of their feet, but that’s a minor complaint; one doesn’t notice such things in the midst of a minis melee.
  3. I too have no problem with this approach. It makes sense to focus your efforts on the areas of Glorantha for which material is being produced. And also you need to save some material to go in the (hopefully) inevitable supplements for different locations. Perhaps in a few years there might be an argument for a grand Bestiary to collate all added creatures into one book, much like the CoC Grand Grimoire of spells, but it’s not necessary now. The reviewer is right on one thing though – it can be hard to find a creature if you don’t know what section it’s in. My only plea for a future reprint is to fill out the ToC with the monsters in each section. I know there’s an index, but it’s easier to go from the front, for us righties anyway, though left handers may have a different opinion. Oh, and the cover is a bit dark which doesn’t make the most of the lovely detail in the image, which is hardly a problem.
  4. Who better to advise you than the game's creator
  5. Yep, exactly that. What some the places around here (Dorset, UK) do is give you a ticket that can be reused for a year. For once marketing came up with something useful – it certainly encourages me to take visitors to places if I don't have to pay again.
  6. Pleased you had a great time, and it makes a change to hear our trains complimented. Now, I must confess you’ve inspired to me pull my finger put and get up to Old Sarum. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t visited it as it’s only an hour’s drive away, and especially as I’ve driven past it often enough. As ever, we often don’t get around to visiting the things under our noses.
  7. I fell down the rabbit hole a bit and stumbled upon this rather evocative piece and that led to this delightful bevy of Ernalda priestesses that are clearly blessing the fields
  8. This has been listed already, I think, but I'll add this version at it shows the instrument being played: live performance of 'Hymn to Nikkal And these nordic lurs, which I'd seen pics of but not heard before, are particularly intimidating. The sound of an advancing Orlanthi warband, of the oncoming storm.
  9. I can see why they would think that, I confess to not having worked through the whole rulebook yet myself and, for example, am frankly not that interested in sorcery, for which reason I will steer my players away from it. There are a lot of elements to the rules, but the same can be said of D&D – there's so many class traits, spells, monster specific rules, etc. that it's impossible to track them all and something is always forgotten in play. I guess one advantage of D&D rules wise is it starts simply and the complexity develops over time as they level up. We are playing D&D5e at the moment as my players wanted to try it, and TBF it's a cracking iteration. Even the initial doubter is now saying how much he's enjoying it. Personally, I've had enough now – The Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign is good, but it does go on somewhat. I'm sure you will all have a good time with 5e. You have made me wonder if I've fallen into that trap, waxing too lyrical about Glorantha. But I have also sold it to my players as something which can be episodic with fairly self-contained adventures, much like Call of Cthulhu, and as such we can drop in and out of it rather than be committed for six months (which I feel has happened with our D&D). This sound odd to me, but then for me the two are synonymous. Runequest without Glorantha is Mythras, I guess. When I got back into gaming I looked at RQ6/Mythras, but without Glorantha it just wasn't RQ for me. Of course, we all have different tastes, the world would be a far less rich place if we didn't.
  10. I did consider that when I posted, so checked his profile and it says Helsinki, so though I’m not familiar with Finnish driving preferences, I would imagine they use stick shift given it’s the European preference. It’s always poss to hire an automatic, though it does cost a bit more, which is why when I’m abroad I revert to stick shift despite preferring auto – saves a few pennies and keeps my hand, or rather my left foot, in practice.
  11. From my experience (as a Brit) of driving in Europe It really doesn’t take long to get used to it. If you have a hire car you’ll be on the correct side of the car, which helps you adjust. After bashing the door with your hand a few times when going to change gear, you’ll soon learn to use your other hand. I’d say it’s a useful skill to have, but then that’s more relevant to us left side odd balls than you righties.
  12. Have to say that’s not opinion I’ve heard aired before. Carbuncles I tell ye, carbuncles. And don’t get me started on that fence and slapping a tarmac path over it. I get that it needs some protection – I confess to be one of those kids who scrambled over the fallen sarcens back in the <cough>ties – but they could’ve done it a little more elegantly. That said, the visitor centre does provide some background (the handsets are great) but it’s basically a glorified gift shop. For all that, the henge is one of those things that just has to be seen and is a worthwhile visit. Now, Avebury, up the road, that’s a lovely circle, very atmospheric and with the added bonus of a pub in the middle of it. Anyway, Morien, you’ve an interesting itinerary, best wishes for good weather for you. And don’t believe albinoboo about the Battle of Badon Hill Us Dorset dwellers know it was actually at Badbury Rings, just outside Blandford Forum (not a Roman town despite the name) and on an old Roman road. Of course, the battle itself is bit of a fable, its location more so, but that’s the claim we stake on it.
  13. Careful, some of us haven’t watched it yet. I shall stay away from this thread till I have, just in case. Not having a moan, just a gentle reminder that there’s spoiler tags. My answer to the thread title is, of course! From the beginning the show was clearly a Call scenario. Sadly the D&D mob have claimed it, even producing a new starter set which, frankly, looks a bit poor. Given the makers have licensed for D&D, might they be interested in licensing to Chaosium? A Stranger Things Call of Cthulhu starter set could bring the game a lot of new attention.
  14. Well, the players won’t know how many HP the door has, so let them roll damage to it and have it give at the optimal moment for maximum drama.
  15. And there you have described institutional incompetence. A terrifying beast lurking in the worst, yet perfectly normal, aspects of the human condition. It can eviscerate economies, stigmatise racial groups, poison populations with poorly tested pollutants, lead to the naysaying of efficacious preventative treatments, and the promotion of useless alternatives. At its whim wars have been won and lost and history changed, warnings not acted upon in time and proven solutions to dire problems not implemented. It lacks self-awareness, it bears no malice, it just wants an easy life. It is mindless and often unseen, hiding as it does behind many other names, kept alive by denial, wilful or wishful. That’s what makes me turn uneasily in my bed of a night.
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