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Weekly Call of Cthulhu Shared/Organized Play Event(s)?

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Hey everyone!  

So I have a question in regards to an interest in possibly running a Call of Cthulhu weekly event at my local game store, like DnD Adventurers League.  I know a lot of the modules in the Chaos Library are for convention use, but is it possible to organize a weekly organized/shared Call of Cthulhu play event?  If possible, any specific guidelines in that need to be followed in regards to character creation or DM selection?  Let me know, would love to have more games run at my local game store like how I organize DnD Adventurers League there. 🙂

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I recommend reviewing the current DnD Adventurers League program guide to get some ideas about how to organize and structure the guidelines for character creation. As for "DM selection," it probably should be members of the Cult of Chaos.

When Mongoose Publishing had a license to produce Runequest RPG products set in the Second Age they had a Living Glorantha program. I played in the first of the adventures, "The Summons of the Whyter" and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, no other Living Glorantha events were subsequently scheduled for my local area. I don't know if the published Living Glorantha guide is available because it could provide some guidance on establishing a "CoC Adventurers League" program. The Well of Daliath has a page on the Mongoose Publishing published Runequest books, and the contents of the Living Glorantha PDF guide is listed. Here's a link to the page.

Just my thoughts.


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