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Chaosium is coming to PAX AUS - Oct 7-9: games, panels, actual play, plus a special guest!


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PAX AUS is coming up soon, from October 7-9 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia – and Chaosium will be there!

Thanks to an awesome team of volunteer GMs from the Cult of Chaos, we'll be running demo scenarios for our tabletop RPGs Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, and Pendragon!

Each adventure takes approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours to play. These have been written as introductory adventures, ideal for people who have never played the game before (or who have never even played a tabletop RPG before). But seasoned gamers will enjoy playing them too. Sign up to play on the day!


Call of Cthulhu The Necropolis:
"Uncover Terrifying Secrets in the Sands below Egypt"

Pendragon Dream of a Tower:
"You are on a Knight's quest, seeking a blood red moon and a tall tower, black as night."

RuneQuest Stealing the Eye:
"It's the night of the black moon: can you steal a valuable jewel, right under the noses of the temple guards?"

Plus, courtesy of our Australian fulfilment partner Aetherworks, we'll have the full range of Chaosium products for sale at the Aetherworks Booth in the Exhibitor Hall.


Chaosium is also taking part in panels and actual play events at PAX AUS. We'll be announcing the details shortly, along with a surprise special guest 🦑🇺🇸 ✈️

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Chaosium community ambassador Bridgett Jeffries is a special guest for PAX AUS


We are excited to announce Chaosium's community ambassador Bridgett Jeffries is a special guest for PAX AUS, coming up on Oct 7-9 in Melbourne, Australia!

At PAX AUS Bridgett will be participating in panels and live actual play events with her Australian Chaosium colleagues, signing copies of the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Tips book at the Aetherworks booth, and running demo games with the Cult of Chaos. We're also planning a get-together for Chaosium community creators. 

Bridgett says, "Chaosium? PAX? Australia? Excuse me while I roll SAN. I'm looking forward to spending time with my Aussie Chaosium family and seeing how they do things Down Under."

PAX AUS Panels with Bridgett

PAX AUS Actual Play Events with Bridgett

Book Signing with Bridgett (Aetherworks Booth)

Community Creator Lunch with Bridgett (off-site)

  • At lunchtime on Sunday Oct 9 we're planning a social get together for Chaosium community content creators - (Miskatonic Repository, Jonstown Compendium, Explorers Society). Anyone interested in creating for these programs is most welcome! Venue TBA, but will be close by to the MCEC. 


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