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Time travel campaign

Perry Holley

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Hello everybody,


Just ran my first session of BRP, using it to adapt BTRC's original Timelords game.  I have a more detailed writeup over at RPG.net, for anyone interested.


(I guess it technically wasn't my first attempt at running BRP - I ran one session of COC back in the early 90's, and another session using the old Worlds Of Wonder box set to make a stab at a Highlander game shortly after that - but certainly it was the first while using the Big Gold Book)


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I responded on RPG.net, but because I gave the players the link to the writeup, I wanted to give a little more info here that they might not want to be spoiled for them.  If you want to know more about the setting background, find the EABA Timelords entry on DriveThru and click on the 'Publisher Preview'.  That will open up a 17 page pdf that pretty much includes the majority of the 'big picture' background for the game.

One of the changes in the more recent versions of Timelords done for CORPS and EABA is that technological items tend to be disrupted by being transported through time by the Matrix.  I understand the game-reasoning for this, but decided to go with the older rules where that wasn't an issue.  Sometimes having a bigger gun isn't going to solve the problem at hand, and other times having a bigger gun is okay because you're going to need all the help you can get.


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