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Sartar LARP Narrator Wanted in Chicago-Milwaukee area


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I am in the process of setting up a largish (30-40 players) Sartar LARP campaign and I'm looking for some help running it.

About the game: The campaign as currently envisioned will be running quarterly in the Greater Chicago area (so ideally the narrator would be in the Chicago-Milwaukee area as well, or at least willing to make a regular commute for it). It's going to be focused on political, social, and religious conflict within the Lismelder tribe in the period of the Lunar occupation. It will be using a stripped-down version of the Heroquest system but will be rules-light. Player base is likely to include a mix of those familiar with Glorantha and total newbies. My intention is to focus on what makes Glorantha different from other fantasy worlds. 

About me: I've been gaming in Glorantha for since about 1980 and I've been involved in LARP (live-action role playing) for about 30 years. 

What I'm looking for: Ideally, I'm looking for someone who has familiarity with both Glorantha and LARP (and how LARP differs from table-top). In LARP terms, I'm an Immersive Gamer with a very sandbox style of GMing, but I don't need in other narrators (in fact, a diversity of styles is particular helpful in LARP). Since the game is likely to wind up exploring the Earth tribe goddess in various ways, I'd particular like female narrators (since a guy running women's religious mysteries can seems kinda skeevy). I'm also interested in exploring Sartarite society (its practices, customs, assumptions, etc) and putting them in tension with the Lunars (who will not explicitly be 'bad guys', since there will be Lunar PCs), so if you're interested in 'social and cultural history', you'd fit in very well. You don't need to have all those traits, but one or two of them would be nice. 

If you think you fit the bill (or at least a couple of the key items), send me a DM. I'll be glad to answer questions either in a DM or in the thread. 

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