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Sacred Time at Clearwine


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I'm soon to run the first Sacred Time of a new game.

My players are mostly Ernaldori & all Colymar and for this first Sacred Time will be partaking in the vicinity of Clearwine.

1/ In the new map of Clearwine & surroundings, where do the population gather to witness the great rituals?

2/ Where do those representing the Lightbringers start? Where (assuming this is a re-enactment/this world event rather than a true heroquest) do they enact their public & then their hidden parts?

3/ Are there people doing a mumming-type play of the Lightbringers story in public after the main representatives go?

4/ Are there concomitant (probably mostly hidden within the precincts of the Earth Temple) Ernaldan Sacred Time rites? My thought is yes.

With the older (Heroquest period) map of Clearwine, there was space on the internal hills. Now, where do all these events happen? Where is the space for the onlookers? Jeff has given a great description of the events but I'm having trouble figuring out where in relation to the new map of Clearwine.


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